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51 Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
Life is lonely as the sea, love is the only island. I was born in a teacher's family. My grandparents and parents are all Professors in the medical school. Therefore, when I was young, I even thought that there were only two professions in The world: Doctor and teacher. Later, I also became a teacher without any doubt, because I like singing, dancing and playing the Piano, so I became a music teacher. My evaluation of his is confident, sunshine, honor, friendly, A daughter girl, oh, I'm sorry, is a woman. Indeed, with the increase of age and experience, I shed childish and Capricious, and became more understanding, more tolerant, and more emotionally stable. When I feel that my life is Full and abundant and I can give more to others, I find that I am alone. When I decided to find my emotional home and life Partner, I seemed to feel that he was also struggling to find me. I want to sing and play the piano for you, I want to say good Morning and good night to you, I want to cook eastern and western food for our family, and listen to your praise for me, I. Want to plant flowers and grass with you to take care of the garden, I want to work out or run with you, I want to watch the Sunrise and sunset hand in hand, I want to travel around the world with you to see the beautiful sceneries, taste food, Visit museums. I want to do what you love and I love with you all the things... You add me, happy and love double, you add me, Pain and sad half. I look forward to this amazing combination reaction. I really look forward to a transnational love Relationship, which will not limit our territory to our own feet, but across the Eurasian continent or the Pacific Ocean, haha, when we embrace together, the whole world is ours, haha. This is go gave us the human to love and to be loved The magic ability, we all deserve it. A woman's life is not complete without a wedding dress, the eyes with tears and Miles and firmly say "I do" I must be the most beautiful and happy woman in the world, that moment is the future death you Give me
58 Guiyang, Guizhou, China
Seeking: Male 53 - 66
57 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 69
Hello, welcome to browse my information. I'm from Beijing, China. I'm easy-going, like old people and children, and I'm social. After graduation, the school was assigned to work in government agencies. After that, I managed Wholesale independently. Now that I'm retired, time has changed my age, but God has kept my young and loving heart. Make I still in shape and health. I hope to be the best of myself and meet the best of you. Drunk ~ white in the snow, clean in the Rain. Obsessed with music that makes ears young and movies that make eyes pregnant. Like cooking, cooking for my family And friends. I hope one day I can cook for you (Or with you), decorate our home, enjoy the sunshine in the morning, take a romantic walk in the twilight … I am willing to Participate in a real relationship and share my personality and background. The one I can't wait to talk to, the one who Hits my heart straight. You have a good culture, want a loving wife, and enjoy the occasional life guide in your arms with Hello , welcome to my profile. I'm from Beijing, China. I am very accommodating, love old people and children, and I am very sociable. After graduation, the school is assigned to work in a government agency. Then I went into the wholesale business independently. Now I retired and the time changed my age, but God retained my young and loving heart. Make me uniform and healthy. I want to be the best of yourself and welcome you the best. Drunk - White in the snow, Pure in the rain. Obsessed with music that makes the ears young and movies that make the eyes pregnant. I like to cook and cook for my family and friends. I hope one day I can cook for you (or with you), decorate our home, enjoy the morning sun, romantic walk at dusk... I am willing to engage in a real relationship, Share my personality and background. A man who made me wait to talk, a man who hit my heart straight. You have a good culture, want a lovely wife, close your eyes and enjoy the occasional life guide in your arms.
54 Xiangfan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 64
The love does not divide national boundaries and regions, a beloved couple are full in love forever, walking on the Beach under the golden light of dusk hand in hand, pour out one's heart, mutual consideration and care, deeply Attaching to each other which is the most beautiful scenery, grow old along with and til the end of life with sincerity And true love which is the most romantic sentiment. Please ask for my heart, not only my beautiful appearance. It will All be your anyone living the life of loving means caring... Something about me: Perhaps you won't believe that I'm already a 53 year old single mother, right? That is true.... Because I pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and good living habits, as well as maintain exercise and A positive attitude. My figure and appearance looks absolutely very young, my friends described me just like a fashion Model. Actually. I'm not.. I am not only reflected in my appearance, but also my inner world is full of positive energy My personality is outgoing, kindness. Sinere, enthusiasm and loving. I am simple, modest, supportive, generous, Understanding, intelligence, interesting, beautiful and robust, Confident and independent, never covet luxury, but with a good taste in life. I have been divorced for many years. My son Is 27 years old, he is independent and has become an excellent enterprise talent. My task of cultivating my son has been Completed. And I am very proud of him. Can you walk alone all your life? Great starting point. We just click. Every day is so interesting. Life is wrapped in an adventure. I have a wonderful Life, except that I really want to meet a kindness and sincere person and start a new life. I know that you can make us a Great family with your sincere and kind character. I also like to learning your culture. It is so wonderful and worth Cherishing. I am glad to know that I make you happy, and you are happy to make me feel awesome. We will be the lucky Couple on the world, And right now I feel it is time to find my own true love. I am a sweep, honor woman with a broad mind to find a special person. I love nature, oceans, beaches, fresh air, Looking for sunsets and harmony with each other. It will be so wonderful to love each other by hand. I like beauty Music and art, entertainment, nice food and quiet moment. After you read my self introduction. If you think that I am the Most suitable woman for you, leave me a message please.. Thank you so much...