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45 Kunming, Yunnan, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 55
I'm an amateur marathoner, and I'm lucky that my hobby is my career. I started running seven years ago, and six months Later I finished my first full marathon by myself. At the beginning of 2016, I founded the Segull running Club, which Has led more than 4000 people to run. I provided public service for runners, and in this process, I learned to make Friends with people of all ages and occupations. I customized for enterprises and institutions cross-country, Orienteering, running, outdoor sports, all kinds of sports activities. After work, I like to drink tea, read books Listen to music, watch movements, mass Go shopping, pour a glass of red wine before going to bed, and plan everything for tomorrow. I really enjoy the solitude Of a person, a person can be wondeful! George. Martin said: Reading can let you experience a thousand lives. I especially like the French writer Roman. John Christopher of Roland, Charlotte, the English writer. Bronte's masterpiece Jane Eyre, the brave and strong, for love of the girl has Been leading me. I most like to watch "the godfather", "the shawshank redemption", "green", "pianist", forrest dump, "Titanic", "gone with the wind", "Roman holiday", the Bridges of Madison county, "bait" and so on many classic Movies, also like to watch science fiction, the youth idol drama, occasionally experience the car movements. Traveling Is also part of my life. I have traveled all over China, to Vietnam, Thailand, Maldives, Melbourne... look forward to Visiting more places once the pandemic is over!
59 Kunming, Yunnan, China
Seeking: Male 66 - 69
The Arctic tern is a sacred thing in the Arctic. Although small and delicate, I admire it more for its courage in the Pursuit of light and spiritual character in the pursuit of life completeness, which is also my value in life! Experience and Cherish the person's life and death partying, I seem to walk into the valley of death, from the desert to The oasis, let me know how to love and Cherish, I always have the smile like the moon, between every gesture and every step Is full of confidence and grace, gentle introversion pay, people praise me like the angel of the universe! I am well educated and a civil servant. My handsome and outstanding son is successful in his career. He is studying at the University of Curtin in Australia. We are close, more like good friends! I like reading and cooking, drinking tea, listening to music, watching movements, like the swimming Also like to travel, I am at home, like to jointly create a warm and romantic with my lover's home, with unconditional Love and enjoy Cherish and embrace, embrace every moment of life, I will kiss and hug wake you up in the morning, making Breakfast together, run together, walk the sunset, I always listen to your share, appreciate and respect your Decision, you always regard for my feelings and emotions, disagreement, always in the diffuse, a smile, a body Language, will make us closer, ordinary and plain in love, I have raise your sail, romantic love boat waiting once more Scans again to the beautiful future with you!
44 Kunming, Yunnan, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 60
54 Kunming, Yunnan, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 65
I am a warm and cheerful, gentle, kind and caring lady, and I am happy to help and take care of others. I love nature. The moon and the stars, the flowers, the birds, the fish and the animals will delight me. I like to travel when I have time to see the architecture of the different cities, the history of the people and try the local cuisine; besides the city, it is better to have enough time to hike and bike the countryside. Looking at fields, prairies, mountains, lakes... this tiring and joyful experience will fill me with a feeling. I love to try different flavors of food, I love the sweets, the variety of pastries, the ice cream... but for my health I can only hold my mouth. I also like more vegetables and fruits. I love cooking because I love good food. I like to learn different new things, everything makes me feel new and happy, I like to explore. I am a warm, cheering, gentle, kind and consider lady. I would love to help and take care of others, especially my Future significant other, because you are my lost self. I love nature. The sun, moon, stars, flowers, birds Fish and insects, and all kinds of animals will make me very happy. Of course, your presence will be my biggest surprise When I have free time, I like to travel, see the architectural styles, humanities and history of different cities, and Try local specialties; In addition to the cities, it is best to have enough time to go hiking and cycling in the countryside to see the fields, Grasslands, mountains and rivers, the lake...this tiring and happy experience makes me feel fulfilled. If we can walk With you, we will accompany each other and taste more joy. I like to try different flavors of food, I especially like Sweets, all kinds of chocolate, pastries, ice cream... but for my health, I can only control my mouth and eat a little Less. I also like more vegetables and fruits. Because I like food, I also like to cook. I like to learn different new Things, everything makes me feel new and happy, I like to explore. I face all the difficulties in life with a smile. I. Allow myself to be sad, sad and failing, but I will not fall; If we are together, I can accept and comfort your sadness and failure as well. The best encounters are spiritual ones



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