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52 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
We all live on the same planet and enjoy all the good things God has created. Beautiful nature and abundant resources Delicious food and a good life .always love our great world with gratitude. And now the world is already a global village And I will sincerely looking for my partner with passion and seriously look for my true love. I am a well - educated woman I am 52 years old this year. But my appearance and physical condition looks very young.. I graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai and got an EMBA degree. And now I run my own company which engage in the business of exhibition . My character is frank, sincere, gentle and cheerfull. Live, honor and easygoing . have a wide range of hobbies, like Music, movements, tourism and nice food, and be willing to help others, explore new fields and make new friends. My friends Described me as a warm and friendly person with a beautiful appearance, good temperature and kind inner world. And an Exquisite Shanghai lady who knows the true meaning of life. I've been divorced for many years. In order to raise my girl I've lost my best time . and my daughter is 24 years old right now . She is currently studying for a graduate degree in the United States. So it's time to think about my own future life. I am young and have good values. A passify lifestyle I do Love .a positive and healthy lifestyle I do like. I have been to many countries and like to learn many different Cultures. Like to know different people. I like to participate in all kinds of positive energy of social activities . Like to make new friends who is a sincere and kindless. I wanna to seeking a sincere and healthy man who is a Sunny, lively And stable career, sense of humor, love and live. The white men from the United States and other European countries Let's spend a beautiful life in the second half of our life full of passion and love together. Thank you for reading my Profile. Are you the one I am seeking for ?
53 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 62
My name is LAN, I am a woman who does not need to rely on gorgeous clothing and heavy makeup to express myself. I am just an Ordinary woman eager to love and be loved. She has attendance and loves the all kinds of tastes of life. The man I am looking For is not perfect. His kindness, honesty and strong heart can move my heart more than any elevator words. My character: Be quiet as Virginia: Likes imagination , yoga, tai chi, flowers and gras, classical symphony, Cup of coffee, and personal space. Moving like a rabbit: Like passionate Latin, like sports, travel adventure. 1. Why am I looking for a man from a western country (I know you will ask me) first of all, I am not looking for a green card (I have a visa from Europe and North America); I am not looking for a rich person. In China, my economy is stable even if I am not rich, yet my life is comfortable enough. Why I choose to live in a Western country for two reasons: A: They are tall and strong, have an optimistic attitude, like sports, like to travel, willing to accept new things, good At praise and communication to solve problems. B: I like western culture, go after personal value, pursue the integration of spirit and love, respect women, and pay Attention to family responsibilities. 2. My photos and profile are 100% real, because life is short, the rest of my life Is only for the man who is willing to travel with me. I graduated from a century-old university which is well known in China in 2000. I am currently doing administrative management in a medical university. My work is busy and fulfilling I like exploring new things and advocating a healthy and natural life. I divorced in 2016, the ex-husband is a good man But he is an unqualified husband. Although he has no bad habits, he lives in his own world and often ignores the existence Of me and my daughter. In our 20-year marriage, we haven't traveled together, we haven't done a romantic thing, we Haven't even quaraned, seemingly happy family, in fact we have already become strangers. 3. The life I look forward To: When I open my eyes in the morning, you kiss my eyes and say "I love you" let's make breakfast together, exercise together Or drink coffee in the garden in the warm sun, you will be my best personal photographer when we are old when you Can't walk around, look at our works and find the happiness you once were. In the evening, we are cooking together, Working together, having romantic tinner, and snugling on the soft, chatting, watching movements, winter, he put my Feet on his chest, warm and comfortable, kiss good night before bedtime, which is a must for us every day the last thing to Do. Travels: At the airport, may, you took my hand and ran all the way, watching me planting, you would hold me, open your forehead Hair and say "baby, how are you" when climbing, I was so tired that I could not move. You simply carried me forward. On the beach, facing the sea, you hug me from behind and bit my ear, we listen to the sound of the sea together. 4. Love And money? Money can't buy love, but love has money as the cornerstone, making our dreams come true. Loyal love is plendiful in my Heart, and I cannot estimate the wealth I enjoy ---- Shakespeare 5. Love and marriage loyal to love, we will not begin, we must be passitic lovers, constantly create and Enjoy "fun". Marriage is a division of labor and cooperation based on love. The husband and wife are a team, each playing The role of lover, comade, teacher, and friend. 6. The core of my marriage? I think a happy marriage comes from: Sexual harmony, respect, trust 7. When we have different opinions? Communication. When we have conflicts, I will calm myself and ask myself, is this the result I want? Then, take the initiative to communicate and explain your views and feelings
42 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 55
Please ask for my heart, not only my beautiful appearance . It will all be yours anyways living the life of loving means caring... I am a divorced young woman from southern China. I am 40 years old and have no children., I am simple, humble, supportive, generous, understanding, smart, funny, beauty, romantic,self-confident and independent by personality, looking for my lifelong partner and best friend here. can you go the distance for a lifetime of one. We are great together, we just click, everyday is so fun and life is love wrapped in an adventure. I have an amazing life now except I really would like to meet someone kind and gentle to start a family with. I know you can make me a great family with your sincere gentle kindness qualities.I love celebrating your culture too. so wonderful to treasure. I get so happy knowing that I make you happy, and that you are happy making me feel so good inside. We are just the luckiest in the world, its how we feel inside, we cant help but thank God alot. I have no kids,but I will treat my future husband's children very well and raise them and educate them. and show them good morals and leave a good legacy behind.I also hopefully to have one or more children of my own in the future. little things make me happy, I'm playful, sweet, honest guy with a big heart looking for one specialy.. I love nature, the ocean, beaches, fresh air, and seeking sunsets and harmony with you my love. Love holding hands so wonderful to be in love. I love beauty, music and art, recreation, good food and quiet times. after you reading this self-introduction and think that I'm the most suitable one you're seeking for, then send me a sincere responding please. thanks .



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