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32 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 51
35 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 32 - 55
Have you ever dreamed of a spiritual, loving, compassionate, intelligent, resourceful, Very interesting woman? A person who speaks his or her own mind, but is still looking for peaceful solutions to problems in life. Have you ever dreamed of a woman who is spiritual, loving, compassionate, smart, witty and very interesting? A person who speaks his mind, but is still looking for a peaceful solution to the problems encountered in life Work status: Engaged in the art of ceramic creation. Work status: Engaged in ceramic creation art emotional experience: Divorce. Relationship experience: Divorced, hobbies: Cooking, flower arrangement, dancing, tea, Being enthusiastic about charitable and public welfare. Hobbies: Cooking, flower arranging, dancing, tea art, enthusiasm for charity, etc. Self-evaluation character: I have an unrestrained character, with a little liveliness in my composure, and I have learned to be thankful in my ordeal, to accept and to treat well everything that I have encountered in my life. In emotional terms, Neither am I is an exclusive, honest, caring, kind, A woman who is sincere and interested in many new things, apart from these qualities, I have a lot of attractions in my body, would you like to spend a little time exploring? Self-evaluation of personality: My personality is intro, calm and a little bit livable, I learn to be grateful in tribes, accept and treat Everything I encounter in life. Emotionally, I am also a dedicated, honor, caring, kind, sincere And sincere woman who is interested in many new things. In addition to these characteristics, there are many Attractive places in me. Would you like to spend a little time exploring?
39 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 33 - 42
All comes from the soul in the direction of the guidance, I in the boundless huge looking for I only company. Has been Eager to with the person I love the night hug to each other but sleep, get up early and laugh at one another, a fragrant cup Of milk for him, looking at his brush your teeth, save, shower, and then looked at the happiness on his face, we warm hug And kiss each other. Under the setting sun, you took my delicate girl who in my ear, that should have much good. The Soul of the collision from what we put all the love and tolerance. Love is the source of all, is the ultimate end-result of Life. Please empty your brain temporarily, quiet to relax completely, you will find that we all have a love for me, pure Heart, hope and the world another soul clean begets love. So, please give me a chance let me love you, take care of you, Embrace you, until you come to the front of God... let us each other have been filled with love feeling, this is the best Gift god has given us I am from Chengdu trina.I am a happy, like sunlight, gentle beautiful girl as night bright moonlight I in Chengdu, where are you ? All directions came from the soul, and I was looking for my only partner in this vast sea of people. Longing to sleep with my loved ones at night, rise up early and laugh, prepare him a glass of rich milk, watch him brush his teeth, scratch his beard, After taking a shower, and watching happiness permeate his face, we warmly hug and kiss each other. At sunset, how good is it to be if you are holding my weak waist in my ear and whispering. The collision of our souls comes from our total commitment to love and tolerance. Love is the source of everything and the ultimate end of life. Please allow your brain to be released for a moment, completely peaceful and relaxing, and you will find that we all have a pure heart born for love, and that we hope to live with another clean soul in the world. So, please give me the opportunity to come and love you, look after you, embrace you tightly, and go all the way to God.... Let us all feel blessed by love, and this is the best gift God has given us. I'm Trina from Chengdu. I am a beautiful girl who is happy as the sun and gentle as the night's sunshine and sunshine, where are you in Chengdu?



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