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34 Makati, Manila, Philippines
Seeking: Male 35 - 75
I’ve fought all the wrong battles for all the wrong people who never really cared about me the way I deserved. I kept fighting when they stopped, leaving me holding the pieces of my broken heart and wondering why I held on so long when they wouldn’t. Because I’m a fighter and I always have been. It’s in my blood, forged by the hard times that tried to take me down more than once.. But I had to learn the hard way who and what is worth fighting for and who will never stand beside me through the storms. I want that one brave soul willing to hold my hand when things get hard, life gets tough and doesn’t leave. The one that looks me in the eye and tells me they love me and then backs it up. People have tried to tell me I expect too much, but I know what I’m worth and what I deserve.. And I’m never going to settle, lower my standards or be okay with less. Call me feisty, stubborn and spirited and I’ll just smile and say “thank you.” In my world, When you fight for what you want, stand up for what you believe and stay true to yourself and your values, that means something. So that’s what I’m going to do because that’s who I am. So, if you’re standing before me asking me to let you love me, be sure you know what you’re getting into. I’m a handful some days while I’m a mess on other days..but I’m always real. I’m always genuine, strong willed and loyal.. And I expect the same in return. No lukewarm passion, halfway love or weakness lives long in my world. So, when the winds of challenge threaten to blow us apart- and they will- are you strong enough to stand up and fight? Or will you give up and walk away? Because one thing is for sure- I believe in love and my heart is open, but I’m holding out for the one who will stand and fight for me, for us. And I’m never going to accept anything less. Are you strong enough to love me just the way I am? Because I am and always will be stronger, wiser and willing to do whatever it takes to be happy. ❤️
39 Manila, Manila, Philippines
Seeking: Male 40 - 65
I am a simple but not boring,honest,kind,fun,open minded but not in term that ill send you a nude pics of myself or do sexual activity with you online.I will never ever let you ask for nudity, webcam s*x or any abusive things. Only a-holes act like that and I am not a desperate woman who will do that just to be in a relationship with anyone.I am a bit clingy romantic woman A candid,straightforward,too caring, loving and very much REAL because i don't need to pretend.I am God fearing too and has respect in all God's creations.I am scared of being in a wrong relationship again after my first relationship failed.I don't like to pretend to be someone that I am not.I trusted easily but got hurt easily that I have a hard time giving my trust again when you break it..A little bit tough because of my past experiences in my former relationship but i'm not a proud woman to brag my being independent I just need to be tough for myself and specially for my son.I'm a person with a big heart and easy to be with.I'm very affectionate and passionate as well to the man I really love.I love every kinds of romanticism in the relationship.And definitely love to be surprised always by the man I loved.I don't go for flings nor passtimes so please if you are not serious don't dare trying!! GIRLS / BOYS TAKE NOTE OF THIS: Settle with the one who will never let you circle in confusion. In this world that is full of almosts, it is a rare find to have someone who knows precisely what they want.So goodluck to all of us.. I don't asked money from someone or anyone here because I have a good job and well provided as well but i'm not bragging because I don't want to be judged again.. What I'm looking here is TRUE and PURE LOVE from a real MAN only not the one who will run away from you when they know that you are really serious in accepting them in your life.I don't need a COWARD man who is only pretending to be a good man but in reality is full of shits only!!
28 Las Piñas, Manila, Philippines
Seeking: Male 29 - 51