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57 Newark, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
A great person who is honest and loyal! I am a kind and gentle person. I have a sense of humor and can be somewhat sensitive at times. I am all for constructive criticism as long as it comes from a genuine place. Let’s place positive energy into the Universe on a daily basis! Let’s stay in tuned with our ancestors who continually love and watch over us unconditionally I come from a family of 7. I have 6 brothers (2 deceased) and I am the only girl! My parents were married for 56 years before my dad passed away in 2015. I was truly a daddy’s girl. I have learned so much from their relationship. They’ve worked together as a team even through disagreements. I am the mother of 3 Princes with the youngest who is 17 soon to be 18. My other 2 are 36 and 25. They love, love, love their mom! I have 2 grandsons ages 4 and 19 months. They bring me joy! They are my world! I’m an honest partner and I’m looking for friendship first and If love should find its way in then so be it! I like to read, travel and stay at home with my significant other! We can go out also but I’m no longer into the club scene. Going out to eat, going to a jazz club or a nice lounge is what I like! I am of a mature age even though I’m asked for ID from time to time! (I love it!) I am a mature woman. I value me! Life is short and I’ve been through some things and now it’s my time to concentrate on Evon and find a love for me! I’m a package deal. We all have a past and I’m not judgmental but if there is something that I need to know that is of importance Be honest and tell me…I will do the same and please don’t hold anything from me. Trust is a foundation that we must lay down first!
58 Linden, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Male 57 - 75
(USA ONLY)As Salaam Alakium Brothers, I love Our Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh)And all the people that we Read about in the Quran and Hadith What beautiful lessons we learn from them, I'm a good Muslim Women I think that about Myself, And No ONE has told me different, Im Kind,Straight Forward, Salat daily to help keep my mind clear from all the nonsense going on ,And I'm picky about people and there Actions in my circle , I love Islamic Classes ☺️ Also I am A very truthful person I love the truth even when it hurts Respect the truth is a must for me ,So If you like to lie please find someone just like you, Because It's not ME!! And Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth and so that every soul may be recompensed for what it has earned and they will not be wronged 45:22 😀May Allah Bless Us All To Understand that Truth is far more rewarding for OUR SOUL then UNTRUTH , The ONE TO HELP US GROW In The Positive Manner, And keeping Our scales heavy with GOOD DEEDS !!! That's ME Wanting for others what I want for myself ,I still work and will work until I'm ready to stop working or Work stop me. WARNING...(Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects, advertising, sales, or any other reason-you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.) *** It is recommended that other members post a similar notice. *** Thanks to the user who invited me to copy and paste this notice.
65 Garfield, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Male 47 - 80
ATTENTION:I HOPE YOU ARE ABLE FOR US TO ACTUALLY CHAT ON THIS SITE TO LEARN ABOUT WHOM THE SOULFUL 1..WHICH WE BOTH HAVE BEEN LONGING TO MEET =SHARING OUR EARTHLY LIFE'S WALK + IS OUR BLESSED PRESENT..Thee Original Article*** ONLY 1 PRECIOUS SOULFUL LOVE LASTING UNTO ***Eternity*** ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... NOW LET'S BEGIN WITH TOTAL HONESTY:: My Pic's are taken in 2022" Caribbean American Lady*** PLEASE ALSO KNOW I NEED TO SEE YOUR PIC'S ALSO ON THIS SITE,,,,,Let's chat on this site to become acquainted with each other {{{{{{{NO SEX CHAT PLEASE DON'T ASK OR I'D BLOCK YOU}}}}}}}Now if we feel a wonderful connection.. The next step is for us to VIEW each other through Video chat + possibly begin to communicate through our emails or phones!!! .....I'm present to bond with a sentimental Romantic~ I hope you enjoy the same and not bashful about slow dancing close with your lady:) and innately feel to take the "LEAD" in a productive respectable manner!!! MOVING ALONG: I'm CHRISTIAN AND SEEK MY LOVEY TO HAVE STRONG BELIEF IN "Thee Almighty Father"..... {{{None of us created our Bode and sou}}} You must know you don't have Thee Almighty Father's Supreme Power to create another human being as we are designed by a SPIRIT GREATER THAN ANY MAN WALKING THIS EARTH IR OTHER DIMENSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said: Also I'm a bit RESERVED at first if we ever meet~Yet once comfortable with you. I'm an *ENERGIZER BUNNY~ SENSUOUS***HIGHLY INTELLIGENT***A Humorous Playful Lady.... Therefore:: I need for you to match me or even supersede MY Divine energy for a LT Bonded Relationship ...NOT A SEX VIDEO LADY,NO WAY:( [No Playboys+ too many silly VERY YOUNG BOYS {{{{{requesting what they want}}}}wasting time= trying to test my "Wisdom" NOT INTERESTED UNDERSTAND ME~~ I SEEK TO CONNECT WITH A BRILLIANT WISE COMMUNICATOR ABOUT THEIR LOVE OF LIFE! HE WILL HAVE A TWILIGHT ZONE [Mind set] YEP***+WILL KEEP ME ELATED AND KEEP ME WANTING MORE AND MORE OF YOU.[in every respect]..Also If you have any Wise quotes. Please share them with me.****1 of my favorites By Aristotle:::It's not the strongest man or woman nor the best looking nor the wealthiest nor the most popular who will survive[IT'S THE MOST [[[[[[[[[[FLEXIBLE]. ******BTW:I'm very femme , ALTHOUGH..THE ACTIVITIES I ENJOY; RIDING MY MT.BIKE WITH YOU :) ICE SKATING, EXERCISING, DANCING + "MY FAVORITE; TABLE HOCKEY} TABLE TENNIS + TENNIS.....ALSO IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO PREPARE HEALTHY MEALS [ no porky meals] or any kinds of toxic fillers within processed foods:( We are what so ever we eat and ingest within our minds, hearts.. I prefer to choose my meals with health in mind!! BTWTHE ANIMAL KINGDOM though stated by science is beneath man HAS THIS UNCANNY MANNER TO debunk science and i love how much they teach us about {{{{{Real LOYALTY AND DEVOTION}}}}