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32 Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Seeking: 29 - 39
26 Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Seeking: Male 18 - 99
Facebook:Angel MaiDoua Vang Kuv yog hmoob Vaj dawb thaib kuv raise qaib thai sib ncaws. My self-summary I live on SSI due to my disabilities and do need someone that I can depend on. Also I used to live on 79 Ace House Farm and have to moved to the big overcrowded city due to my father's death in July 2013. 2019 Updated: Please Read The First Then The Second. I am fullblood pure Hmong. My Religion were Shamanism. I have an Asian Accent too.That what make me unique. I'm country girl and not big fan of city type. I like to go hunting, fishing, shooting, going to church, bible studying, take care of my bird, worship night, gambling, party, Collage Cru Club, hangout with my friends, playing video games, and watching movies and tv shows. Don't have work or go to school at all. I'm very Full-Blood Pure Hmong who Traditional Old-Fashioned Hmong girl that is practices Hmong Shamanism, Hmong Culture and follow Hmong Beliefs, Rules too. I and my two brothers born and raised in Milwaukee.I'm honest, loyal , serious, strict, shy, quiet and not very talkative thought. My Heritage are important to me and it's show my pride too. ASPIRATIONS What I'm doing with my life Just Staying home everyday, playing videos games and watch movies, take care of my gamefowl, oriental, normal chickens, Shopping, and other stuffs. TALENT I'm really good at Well, I don't know what am I really doing good at. I just know how to raise and breed different types of chickens and other birds. MY TRAITS My golden rule Chickens, country with land and farm with house is life and That's is my golden rules. MEDIA Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food Too many to list them all. NEEDS Six things I could never do without WI-FI Money Family, Friends and Pets Video Games, Books, and Movies TRAVEL I love traveling because Family, friends and other things. OUTDOORS My favorite camping trip I was with my friends and it is was October fall which we went to Camp Awana( Don't know how to spell it) BOOKS My favorite book of all time I like the scary stories collection. MOVIES We need more movies about... I think that we need more movies about My peoples, The Hmong. Gran Torino is only and one Hmong movies out there so far. TV SHOWS The show I most recently watched I watched the little couple with my mom who doesn't speak and understand English at all. ANIME & MANGA The manga/anime that defined my childhood Naruto are the most of all. GAMING The game I can't stop playing Kingdom hearts that I can't stop playing which it is my all time favorite game ever. MUSIC My go-to karaoke song I like to Sing Hmong songs, K-pop and Visual Kei. FOOD & WINE The best place to go on a dinner date is… I like the buffalo wild wings and dave and buster. VEGETARIANISM My favorite plant-based meal to cook is... It is Hmong style of foods which I don't know what is called. COOKING The most satisfying part of cooking is… My family make some Delicious hmong foods ever. COFFEE Where I would go on a coffee date I would go to starbucks to get coffee since I only know that they serve coffee. WORKING OUT & WELLNESS I'm currently training for Just walking on treadmill, weight lifts and sketching only. SPORTS The sports I do Used to play Vollyball, Basketball, football in my dad old farm. ART & DESIGN What I make It is anime, and manga arts which I like the most of all. PERFORMING ARTS My dream role I have a lot of dream role which I don't know how to pick from. STYLE I can't leave the house without wearing ____ My hmong clothes. PETS My childhood pets Gamefowl chickens breeds. regular, rare chickens breeds, Muscovy ducks, pigeons, guniea fowls, pheasnts, and a pair of geese SOCIAL LIBERALISM The next president should be... Bernie Sanders which I don't follow up the politics most of the time. SOCIAL CONSERVATIVISM The next president should be... Bernie Sanders which I don't follow up in the politics at all. FEMINISM My thoughts on male allies It is depends on so it is 50/50 chances. LGBTQ My coming-out experience My sister is a lesbian, my niece is bi and I'm bi-curious. WRITING What I’m working on Too many to working on which I don't know where to begin to. WORK My dream job I want to be a writer, musician, gamefowl breeder, Hmong important figures. SCI-FI & FANTASY Elves or dwarves? I prefer Both of them COMICS DC or Marvel? It is depends on which characters and teams. TABLETOP GAMES My favorite board game and why I like Monopoly and sequence because it is can be intense situation. RELIGION My favorite religious tradition I'm a Shamansim and it is my Hmong religion. TATTOOS My favorite style of tattoo art I like Japanese Yakuza style of Tattoo and I always play the game, Yakuza games if you are true gamer like me. CARS My dream car I like honda and Acura cars the most of all. Q&A Who are your favorite singers?"""""" Pov Thoj, Lue Yaj, Koob Cheng Xyooj, Blong Xyooj Asian dishes you call “soul food”?"" Boiled Qaib with rice, Pho, Kapoon, Eggrolls People say I’m good at..""‍♀️"""""" Raise Qaib Sib Ncaws. I don't know. My Thing. Personal Age arrived 0 Has children? No Languages English Height 5' 3" (160cm) Education High school Body type A little heavy Income Less than 50k Marital status Never married Do you smoke? No Do you drink? No Faith Other College or University None Looking For Peoples on here are too picky, not serious at all, and other reasonable situation too. My profile have viewed so many of times and have a few a little messages inbox only. It's depends on both person for the first date. I'm not open on most of anything due to my Hmong Heritage, Religion and Culture. Well, I think movie, playing video games, dinner or anything like that. By the way, I'm quite serious and don't play games at all since had been encounter peoples who like to play games than rather act serious. No one night stand or hook-up too.



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