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58 Almaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Seeking: Male 50 - 68
Hello, my name is Ayman, I am 50+ years old, people around me think that I am 10-15 years younger than my physical age. This is due to genetics and a healthy lifestyle: healthy eating, fitness, yoga, meditation, positive thoughts, avoiding toxic people, don’t smoke and drink alcohol, dancing, traveling and many other positive things, which life gives us. I hope that my future husband will follow the same healthy lifestyle. I am slender, people say about such a figure as mine "thin - sonorous" (probably it's like a "string") or fragile. I wasn't officially married, I have no children. I lived in different cities, now I live in the most beautiful, greenest, warmest, most comfortable and atmospheric city of Almaty in the south of Kazakhstan. I am a doctor, I have several specializations, I am in demand as a doctor in integrative anti-aging and preventive medicine. My professional path included from a young intern to the head physician of the clinic and university professor, as well as many years of work as a chief expert in the Ministry of Health. My profession requires me to be collected, disciplined, critical, make quick decisions and sometimes be bold, decisive and tough. I can be categorical and demanding, I hope this does not harm you. I will please you: more often I am a gentle and kind, loving, honest person (and I demand this from my partner). I was brought up in a family in which family values and traditions were instilled from childhood. I'm more of a domestic person, I enjoy cooking and interior design, photography and drawing. So I relax from the bustle of work. I don’t write about the mind, intellect, horizons, you probably already guessed;-). Everything is great with a sense of humor. I am spontaneous, so you will not be bored with me (who is heavy on the rise, it is better not to mess with me). I wrote a lot about myself here (I hope you didn’t get tired), re-read it and I thought “who will get such a treasure?” :-). My photos are up to date, I update them monthly or weekly. It says that I am a real person :-). If you are interested in getting to know me better, feel free to ask. If you are interested in seeing me, welcome to the video chat. My photos are up to date, I update them monthly or weekly (photos taken on 09/03/22). It says that I am a real person :-). If you are interested in getting to know me better, feel free to ask. If you are interested in seeing me, welcome to the video chat.
42 Almaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Seeking: Male 43 - 55
Hi, my name is Inna. I live in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I'm 42, single, 173 cm tall. I'm a very kind and sincere, friendly, and charming woman who can knock down with her beautiful smile. I have a good sense of humor and love to love. I have two degrees and continuing learning and developing internationally. For me doing physical exercises every morning has been the way of life for many years. So I'm very proud of my attractive appearance and slim body. I have good taste in clothes and prefer the elegant, classy style. I love both staying at home and going out and shine :) I like walking in nature. For me, scenting the fresh air, the beauty of fields and meadows is a big delight. The only thing, no mosquitoes, please))). I love the gym and swallowing, yoga and meditations. I believe in God, but not religious. Every day that God for the blue sky, beautiful occasions, pink sunset, marvelous window view, my son's smile and my loving one's support. Traveling is essential for me to discover new worlds, learn about variable cultures and taste original local cuisines. But most of all I prefer going on the sandy beach and enjuring the surroudings, sipping cocktails and watching the fire shows in the eventings. I have a 7-year old son. He is an adorable and smart boy who likes playing Minecraft and Roblox. To be honest, I play together with him))). I'm a fraud to be one of the four children of our big, friendly, and intelligent family. I like to be a strong motivator and support my man. In relationship, I can give all my warm, tenderness and care. I love to make the house cozy and full of love and life place, to create comfort, coziness and beauty. I love cooking and organization exciting weekends.
50 Almaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Seeking: Male 47 - 57



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