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Santiago (Metro)



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41 Santiago, Santiago (Metro), Chile
Seeking: Male 40 - 50
Hello :D The first thing I want to say is that I am a real woman of 42 years, I was born in Bogota-Colombia, being still very small, my parents moved to another country, there I grew up, I became a professional nurse, I married and divorced, I had a son (who is currently 21 years old), he doesn't live with me. For a while I lived in Peru, then I came to Chile and in a few days I will return to Bogota. I have a healthy and overcome past, I do not have dramas or ex jealous couples who want to harm me or anything of those rare things, I am not perfect but every day I do that with my affection, care and understanding, people who are in my surroundings can feel comfortable, calm and at peace. I am a woman who believes in GOD, my childhood was beautiful, we lived in the field, so I love nature, I love animals, I am happy with simple things that are full of love, hugs and kisses, I am not the vanidosa plastic woman artificially built, NO! I am a real woman with home heat who feels it is time to let a good man take my hand to age together and fight him and I "against the world" hajajaja, sounds very poetic, I know, that's part of what I am, and that's what i want. i'm a loving, romantic, faithful, loyal, grateful woman. smart, safe and mature, with high levels of responsibility, commitment and full of family values, i have 6 nephews, i love them a lot, my best memories are next to them playing anything or just in my house watching tv all together in my bed. I like to help others, I like children, but you must know that I can no longer have more children, if you want more children, I am sorry, I cannot give them :( I am good cook, I like to eat jajaja, I am very sincere and ocurent, i am respectful and very wise to understand the situations around me, i am not a sports fan, but i can happily accompany you to see your favorite game, i like to walk and run, and i'm actually a woman who has lived enough and adapted to almost any situation or place, i can be the smart woman for a work meeting, the comfortable woman on the field day or the woman who just wants to curl up in bed with her man on a rainy day or any sunday. I am very capable manually, I mean that I do almost any craft like embroidery, knitting, sewing, repairing simple things, painting, Remodel, cut hair, contour beard, fix nails, and the list is long, I am really very skillful, God gave me very capable hands. My parents live, they separated after 40 years of marriage, because of my father's infidelities, they are in different countries, for me loyalty, communication, support and passion in marriage are very important. My marriage didn't work because my former husband was alcoholized, it's important for me that you don't have vices (cigarette, drugs, alcohol, etc.) I have no vice but to put together puzzles, do crafts in my spare time, Enjoy good art and good company during a simple dinner or just in traffic, I like people who speak, write and express themselves well, I like people who believe in God, I like real people who don't appear to be what they are not, i like people who love and embrace, those who cry for happiness, those who are not ashamed to show what they feel and i like people who care for their dental and general hygiene. I like to travel from time to time, I've never seen the snow fall, I've never gone fishing, I've never spent the night in a sleeping bag, I've never attended the opera, I've never tried drugs (and I'm not interested in doing it), I never had a happy marriage, i feel that i still lack many things to do, and never, i have never ceased to be who i am since the values that my mother taught me are present in every area of my life, i have a good attitude to learn whatever you want to teach me. I am a good daughter and that makes me a good woman, I am a good mother, that makes me a very blessed woman who just wants to have a home.
41 Santiago, Santiago (Metro), Chile
Seeking: Male 38 - 45
IMPORTANT: false profiles abstain, if you ask me to add you to whatsap you must be willing to have a video call, I work in the judicial area and I must know that you are real as well as your profile. Defining is complicated but I will try. Single without children (I was never sure I wanted to have them) but I like it, I love being busy, whether it is creating a new project, a new recipe , learning about a new culture or something related to the land and its challenges. I like to enjoy the company of people who have something to contribute in my life , who shine with their own light without opacar that of anyone :) Please do not write me if you just know hello or what beautiful you are, if you are only here by sex, There are women for everything, I understand that there are plenty here that ask for money in exchange for " GIVING FUN ONLINE " , fortunately I learned from very small to work to achieve my goals, and I am independent and self sufficient , I did not come to waste time with things so superficial and empty. I would love to meet someone who loves himself , who has ended up with a painful past , traumas and so on , someone who by recognizing that it is not perfect, but who knows how to use his strengths and flaws to improve himself and his environment, someone who has something more to offer than just a pretty physical, that impetus and courage to leave this world better by example, would be a complete blessing. If you are looking to meet a funny, hard-working, cheerful and very spiritual girl I will be happy to answer you for a friendship and see it emerge. I look at it and you like the animals, the music I am very good dancer and I would love a partner to dance together even though sometimes the melody is sad. . I am convinced that meeting people for everything is easy, but keeping the right ones, the ones that are worth in this short career that is life,... that is where we understand that we are done inwardly. A beautiful day for all !!