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36 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 25 - 42
Basically I love life and I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, going to cultural events, and socializing with quality people. It's just better living and sharing life with someone else 🙂. I hope to find someone for a serious relationship, where love, respect, loyalty and trust are the basis to create something very deep and unique that hold every storm. I'm originally from the Stuttgart area and have lived in a few different countries. I enjoy being active, healthy and staying fit. Family and friends Are Important to me as well. If you'd like to know more Say "hi". I didn't reveal a lot about my Self for you to read on purpose. Rather we chat, talk, engage in conversation to get to know each other instead of us reading through a long page in this section about each other. So, just because someone looks like a good match “on paper”, doesn’t necessarily translate into reality fondamentalement, j’aime la vie et j’aime vivre la vie. J'aime le Plein air, les voyages, les restaurants, rire, all à des événements culturelles et socializer avec des gens de qualité. C'est just mieux vivre et partager la vie avec quelqu'un d'autre 🙂. J'espère trouver quelqu'un pour une relation sérieuse, où l'amour, le respect, la loyauté et la confiance sonst la base pour créer quelque choice de très profond et unique qui tient chaque tempête. Je suis originality de la région de Stuttgart et j'ai vécu dans plusieurs pays différents. J'aime être actif, en bonne Santé et rest en forme. La famille et les amis sont également importers pour moi. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus, dites "bonjour". Je n'ai pas révélé grand-choice sur moi-même pour que vous le lisiez exprès. Au lieu de cela, nous discutons, parlons, Engageons une conversation pour apprendre à nous connaître au lieu de lire une longue page de cette section les us sur les autres. De plus, ce n'est pas parce que quelqu'un ressemble à un bon match "sur papier" que cela se traduit néessairement dans la réalité
62 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 40 - 55
I stayed very young, do some sports and still like to dance. Modern, cosmopolitan, brown/a bit gray-haired, funny, sociable easy and love the laughter. Humorous, enterprising, reliable, romantic, empathetic, Passionate, sociable, emphatic, cheerful and above all very positive, does not work – there is no… I like to travel to far-flung countries, Caribbean, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Egypt and for everything offen...bin there very culturally interested, - country and people... I hold the door open for the ladies and help them in their coat. And I still love kissing and cuddling. And I have only one hand in hand on the street. Everyone can see it! I can cook, wash and iron myself -:) In love I am faithful and I mean it seriously! Don't look for adventure! My pictures are max. 3 years old... I'm very young at heart, do a little sport and still like to go dancing. Modern, cosmopolitan, brown/something gray-haired, funny, social and loves to laough. Humorous, adventurous, reliable, romantic, sensitive, passionate, social, emphatic, cheerful and above all very positive, is not possible - does not exist... I like to travel to distant countries, the Caribbean, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Egypt and I'm open to everything... I'm very interested in culture - the country and its people... I'll hold the door open for the ladies and help them into their coats. And I still love kissing and cuddling. And with me on the street there is only one hand in hand. Everyone can see it! I can cook, wash and iron myself -:) In love I am faithful and mean it! Don't seek adventure! My pictures are max. 3 years old...
35 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 27 - 42
Hello, I am Simon. I love variety, don't you? In my spare time I'm on the road as much as I like to be at home and relax. Doing sports, going to the cinema, visiting concerts, meeting with friends are as much a part of my daily routine as chiling on the couch at home and watching netflix. I am interested in art, culture, languages, sports, film, religion, science, travel and much more. Family and friends are very important to me. But so is the woman of my heart. What I am looking for is definitely something solid with meaning and depth where love, loyalty, respect, approval, trust and support are the cornerstones for hopefully something long lasting. I have lived in a few countries and moved a lot. I was privileged to travel around the world and have lived in a vie country... Look forward to good conversations and maybe I'm lucky and find a great woman Bonjour , je suis Simon. J'aime la variété, pas vous ? Pendant mon temps libre, je suis autant sur la route que j'aime être à la maison et me détendre. Fair du sport, aller au cinéma, assister à des concerts, rencontrer des amis font autant game de mon quotidien que se détendre sur le canapé à la maison et regarden Netflix. Je m'intéresse à l'art, à la culture, aux langues, au sport, au cinéma, à la religion, à la science, aux voyages et à bien d'autres choses encore. The family and the amis are très importants for moi. cœur CE que je recherche, c'est définitivement quelque chose de solid, avec du sens et de la profondeur, où l'amour, la loyauté, le respectement, l'approbation, the confiance and the soutien are the pierres angulaires de ce qui, je l'espère, sera durable. J'ai vécu dans quelques pays et j'ai beaucoup voyagé. Between autres choses, j'ai eu le privilège de voyager autour du monde et j'ai vécu dans plusieurs pays... J'espère avoir de bonnes conversations et peut-être que j'aurai la chance de trover une femme formiable.
62 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 28 - 48
If you are really interested, mylady, you should read this profile carefully please, and you should read all. Listen! I will never send money to anyone whom I havent met in person before, so dont incult my intelligence by asking me to send money, before I know you in person !.My profilephotos are made in 2019, and 2020 .if a man has reached an age like me , he usually should have learned his lessons and knows exactly how to treat a woman , if he treats her like his LADY he'll never walk alone , because the greatest miracle in this universe is a loving WOMAN! So I am looking for one of the last angels on this earth , and I want to offer her all my love, my respect, my loyalty and my whole protection ; a woman who could read the signs in my soul, and let me detect the enchanting things in her own soul, she should be able to dance between the stars with me, and she should be able to fill my soul with her own deep soul until we fly over the mountains of love hand in hand - and so on... I am looking only for a romantic and mature lady , her soul is warm , calm and deep enough to reach the heaven of my mind ... I don't care if I find you as a beggar , I will treat you like my queen , because all I need is a miracle ... all I need is Y O U ! Are you finally the answer of all my prayers? I am tall, athletic, intelligent, good men, and well educated, Sometimes a dreamer but also strong in my mind-I love books and music , i love the nature and animals - I love the stars and the ocean... and maybe soon I love U2 .I am a special man and I am looking for a special and mattered woman...you should talk like an angel, walk like an angel, and fly like an angel -lol- no, sorry...just make me happy a bit...and show me your love...thats all i want .... thanks mylady:-)
63 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 30 - 50
I speak English on a native speaker level! Would be great if you did too ... Depending parle francais prèsque au meme level que ma langue maternelle (allemand). Toi aussi? Great :-) My new main profile picture is from May 2016! ... I am seriously looking for true love, passion + marriage .... scammers keep off! ... My personal wish list: 1. You should preferably live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, in the United Kingdom or at least somewhere in central Europe. 2. You should be fluent in English or French (or German, of course). Because I want to communicate a lot with my love. 3. PLEASE come as you are - if you want to be with me, I will accept you the way you are and I only wish to get the same from you in return. This is total and individual freedom within a tight relationship. Nothing shall happen between the two of us that you don't want, I will never use force to push my wishes through. Well, why am I here? Ok, I want to find a sweet, cute and lovely, well-educated Afro, Caucasian or Asian woman. Not for fun, but forever! I don't want to elegant glamour lady - what I really need is the simple, down-to-earth "girl next door" type of woman. I do not value much expensive clothes, and from about April to October I mostly walk barefoot at home and in the garden. Just a pair of worn-out jeans and a T-shirt, and I'm set, that's me. I offer you true love, passion, devotion and commitment to understanding, lots of playful tenderness and sleep less nights ... maybe you want to continue this story? Pour toutes les femmes franco phones ici: j'adore l'amour, je suis encore très jeune dans ce regard, pas un mec du type grand père ... Et saches que je sais bien comment rendre une femme heureuse sur tous les niveaux. Essaie-moi, tu ne le regret teras pas. I'm a charming mature guy, a professional translator, guitar teacher and professional musician - with lots of humor, life experience and a big heart for dogs. I look, feel, and behave much younger than I actually am and I'm honestly looking for my other half for friendship, love, together ness and even marriage if we both fall in love. By the way, I've never been married. Maybe you can change this?
52 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 35 - 50
First, maybe a couple of things about me. IT it's difficult to describe yourself, but I'll give IT a try and think about what I've heard from others about myself. I am a polite, have respected for older people and women, like to laugh a lot and am actually a funny guy. However, I am so very calm, but a good listener. Maybe a bit too naive and dreamy and unfortunately this has already got me into a lot of trouble. Family and family life are very important to me, because immediately I don't have any other than my son. No siding and my parents have already died. I would love to get to know a woman who is also familiar with these values ​​and someone who, like me, is family-oriented. Since I'm a bit older, you should be the same age or not 20 years younger. Not meant badly, but I am daddy. Oh yes, still very important. I'm forced to do it. But I still have a small child with 6 years. He doesn't live with me, but you should be able to accept this. I didn't want a woman to play the role of mother, but as a good friend. Since IT exists, I am not really free to start over in another country. Not for the next few years. However, I will also accept your children if you have any. Getting to know that will be a little more difficult. Since we do have a time difference and probably a language barrier. The staff were very helpful and helpful. But IT should be enough for a phone call or video chat, which I also expect after an introduction phase. I've had a permanent job here in Germany for over 30 years, but I don't have any property (House or apartment) My income is good, but IT is not enough to support a family well. That's why you should also earn something. Not so that you support me, but the family and that you can afford yourself a few comforts such as macup, cream, etc. finally, one more note. I am realistic and I know for sure that none of this will be easy, but at least there should be the possibility that we can visit each other. Otherwise IT doesn't make sense. And if you should write to me, I expect more than just "Hi, Hey, Hello." I will not react to that. So let's see if we can find each other.