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Hồ Chí Minh


District 1

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36 District 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 32 - 65
I am a English woman, divorced and with two sounds. I am a small, dark-skinned Asian. I am not a long-legged girl with three fiery rings.... if you are looking for that beauty then maybe you should stop here, don't read my profile anymore. I am a simple person, no fancy makeup. Don't dress fancy, revenge..I don't like that. I myself live quite simply. But not arbitrary, and scoring. I've always been romantic. And wanted to create a fun atmosphere. Fun with the person I love. I live independently. .i am not rich and do not depend on anyone. For me, I am happy when confident walking with my own feet ... gentle, kind nature. Know how to share. Tollerant living. care about everyone. And always wish everything goes in the right direction. I am always happy and get along with people. I don't like arguments or violence. For me, text and making friends is easy but being a lover is difficult. Must be a process. friends are unlimited but lover is only one and love is only. I don't like to use anyone to deceive anyone about money or love. I hate betayal. Lie. Currently, I still have not found the right piece of my life. But I believe . somewhere in this world. My other half is lonely and I always hope to meet that matching piece. This life has glory and failure, the important thing is lifeve us a chance to get people every time we fall.I have always received life and the people I met. For me there is no distinction between rich and poor, ethnicity. skin color. ....everyone is a cultural background that we must seek..i always look at people in terms of esthetic value, see their good points to exchange. My dream is simple: To find my other half. Let's hold hands and walk through the storms of human life. youth has many ambitions. many aspirations. many passions. many pitfalls and many stumbles .... so I always wish for a peaceful and happy life with the peI love and with othershis loved one. .. our youth together, strip for the future. in old age, as we leave the city, live in a quiet place in the countryside.or by the sea, the better... a simple little house, Girl with happiness... together we join the morning sun,let's grow vegetables together. grow flowers. Have a few dogs. And cats ... in the evening walk hand in hand, watch TV. listen to classic music. Or read books.... on weekends, duringTet, children and come back to visit.we take care of each other, nurture each other, grow old together. I can cook for you..tell you stories. And comfort your loneliness. Besides, I can write a little bit for my hobby.. if possible, I always look forward to sharing and pointing the less fortunate in this life, I always want to do charity and hope to have a friend. companion .... lifeoesn't give us many chances. No one showers wice on a live stream. So I alwayscherish the present.. Seek the people I meet. ..