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39 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Male 33 - 49
Hello guys, please don’t message me if your looking for one night stands or friends with benefits! I’m not that girl. Or if you only have one photo! Or message to just say hi! Your beautiful . Thank you for that but I need more than that . Please don’t send me any****pics I’m not looking for immature boys that do that !! I don’t understand why men do that we are not looking to see your nasty private parts keep that to yourself ! It’s a huge turn off .. i’m a type of girl that likes to be courted, if you don’t know what that means we are probably not a good match ! anyways for the most point !! We all Have our reasoning?! On being on here ! But I’m a open BOOK so ask AWAy! I am originally from U.K.... moved here 5 years ago.. I Love trying new restaurants, I swear I’m a fat girl in a skinny girl body!’ I can eat anything and not gain a pound and I know some girls would love that ! But I’m actually trying to gain a few pounds , where it’s needed! I’m Blk / Indian and Blk Irish, so Unfortunately the Irish part of me didn’t help me in the booty department LOL’!! “they say all women that are African-American have great butts but I didn’t get that aspect! But I try to do my squats , So it’s plumping up some! Lol ’ As I said, I love to cook or try to ! Sometimes ,it turns out really amazing , and sometimes it turns out really burnt !!! If I ever tell you, I’m making dinner and then two hours later , tell you let’s go out , I definitely burnt the food! I don’t do that a lot but sometimes it happens !!! I do like to travel when I can, but I want to find that person, I can travel with and try new things, it’s not always fun just going out with your girlfriends!’ .... My group of friends love to travel in groups and I would love to have someone other than a girl holding my hand lol !! I do a lot of stay vacations in the valley just to get away and relax at resort hotels, I need a partner that will come along with! again ... I’m looking for someone, That’s looking for something real! I’m not looking for one night stands or friends with benefits. Or being anyone sugga baby , which I have been approached by multiple guys on this sites, it’s crazy lol . There a ton of guys using other men photos which I think is sooo weird. Guys over 46 this my cut off age. Please don’t message me with a whole novel explaining why your age is a good age for me. I know what I’m looking for. When I turn 36 it will go up to 47. You can apply then ??. And last thing that has been filling my inbox up with super old men that saying they will pay me to go on dates .im not an escort . ?? If I wanted a man for his money,I could easily get one but that’s not what I’m about, I want everything to be 50-50 hopefully, I can find someone that is romantic and knows how to treat a woman because ,I definitely know how to treat my man! I just want someone to make me happy everyday ! when I see him, and cuddle with at night ! And make dinner for him , after a long day of work! I believe, I am a complete package for a man to introduces to the family, after we’ve been dating for a while !!! If you have read all of this, you should be able to ask me a couple questions without having to ask me, how I am. I want something serious and I don’t know if that’s on this site, but I’m willing to try! I can’t stay single forever or maybe I can but I rather not. I was in a relationship for 4 years and it was a complete waste of time ! I’m a very classy lady. And would like to be treated that way! Chapter 2: lol jk!’n lol ... I know I wrote a novel on here but I have to explain, what I’m looking for, some guys just don’t understand.
35 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Male 32 - 52
That live action Cinderella movie had it right with “Have courage and be kind”. Integrity requires courage to follow through and keep to principles. Kindness is where we find our humanity and remember that no one is perfect and that we will fail from time to time. In keeping with kindness, I strive to be as honest and open as possible. Good communication, and by extension, Honesty, is fundamentally and foundationally important to me. Being honest with someone means you value them and afford them the dignity, courtesy, and respect of an equal. And a willingness for good communication means you respect them to keep them in your life. All of that being said, BDSM is a part of my life and will always be. No, I will not be a hook-up. I will not be a weekend girlfriend. I will not be the other woman. I will not be second best. And I am not anyone’s dirty little secret. This is not a game. It requires deep levels of trust and respect; I will not engage in mocking conversations about it. Onto a less serious subject; hobbies and interests. I am a geek and a nerd. I am into the usual stuff like Disney, anime, Harry Potter, etc. But I also love international TV shows. I will ready anything that catches my fancy, it does not matter the genre. Other hobbies include knitting and cross-stitch. I have thought embroidery but have not attempted it. I cannot call myself a gamer, but I do love city/civilization building games. Sims 4, as I’ve been playing it since the beginning, Crusader Kings III, Medieval Dynasty, etc. History is my favorite hobby/interest. I am currently working on a BA for History. My favorite areas of study involve the daily lives of non-royal people in Medieval Europe. I would like to learn more about people’s lives from the Zhou through Yuan Dynasties (1046 BCE – 1368 CE). I am an introvert. And in regard to friends, that means I prefer quality of quantity.



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