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35 Panaon, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 42 - 75
hello , sinlge filipina woman with a loving and kind heart.  i am an active community volunter assign here in the mountain province of pananon misamis occidental. my previous worked before was a birthing nurse at the clinic but due to covid until now  clinic was closed coz no covid facilities. while waiting for some company and other establishments to open i decided to join the community volunter though this has no salary only donations from the people within the community to help others that has less knowledge about health being . its been almost 6 months now that i am doing this volunter job . this barangay clinic give us free shelter were there are also other volunter nurses im with, we are 9 nurses inside the room mixed girls and boys . we respect and understand each other. my parents already passed away. my father when i was 10 yrs old my mom when feb 17 2020 just before covid lockdown.. i have no siblings, according to my parents they are having a hard time raising one ( me ) the needs are hard to achieve coz they are farmer.. i understand them.. thats why since elementary until i graduated as a bachelor of science major in nursing i am a working student so that i can support myself and my school needs..  ive fall in love before but turn out that he cheated me and choose other woman aside from me.. caught in the act still deny.. i was a battered girlfriend, even though i was a martyr girlfriend still i keep and willing to save our relationship until one day i was so in pain that in my eyes i saw him and other woman making love.. it hurts.. but i have to let him go and let myself move out from that toxic relationship i had with my x.. i join the church activities so that i can forget and forgive him and let my pain go away.. until all was gone and ive moved on.. i am happy to let you know that i am here willing to love, to share love and to fall in love again.. my past experience help me to be a better and happier woman now..  i am willing to know you and let you know me.. willing to be your friend, best friend, lover and wife.. willing to spend a lifetime journey with you.. as long as you are willing to join me as we step to our future goal to be come husband and wife.. let me love you today, tomorrow and until our last breath.. best regards jenilda
25 Tangub, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 26 - 99
Most people never read this, most people look directly at the pictures, and decide by that if you're worthy to talk to. It seems as first impressions always mean everything to most everyone. Sometimes, that makes you miss out on the real person. When you judge people, instead of knowing them, you miss out on so much. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a chance. No pretenders or fakers who place on pics of someone else other than their own. I am an open minded and understanding person, if you be sincere. I don't care for boasting, like I am this or that. I believe it takes time, patience, and effort to know someone. I don't like when people just look into your profile, but don't leave a simple message. I think that is inconsiderate and rude! Simplicity is the most inner essence to be beautiful but it must be in the deepest side of you. I have values that I keep and I always believe in good faith,full trust and honesty. I always share the love inside or the most of me when I love. I hope to find someday who will accept me for the fact of my simpleness. A very romantic and passionate loving devoted one man woman who lives in an island that can cook,clean and know what a man wants. Although imperfectly proper I still know how to manage and make my man very happy... I am not very particular when it comes to look. I look more on the content of a person's character. I would love to be with someone who is willing to visit me here before I go live with him. I wanna be with someone who if possible doesn't drink or smoke but if really cant avoid it, occasional drinking and smoking wont that be much harmful. I would love to be with someone who's willing to make me happy and put me as his first priority in life and of course I want my special love to be a good provider for the family we're gonna build....I want someone who is sensitive enough to care about what I feel about things I desire or likes to do. I want to be with someone who wont leave me hanging,someone who will love me unconditionally and would never want to lose communication with me,cause for me communication is very much important for a relationship to work and I am seeking someone who would be trust-worthy and who'll trust me. These are all the ideal traits I want in a guy... who knows? love could change everything...
24 Aloran, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 24 - 45
It such a pleasure for me that you have given a chance to visit my profile ... I am Jill.... single never married and don't have kids... I'm gonna tell a little about my life ... I would like to tell you that I grew up .. incomplete... not literally physically incomplete... but emotionally incomplete... when I was born... I was left behind by my father... And it made me lived the life of an illegitimate child.... I never felt the love of a father that I always long with though my mother never made me feel alone... And she always did her best to provide my necessity even it's way to hard for her... she stands my mother and father ... she cares for me and she works for both of us ... to not suffer starvation... in fact I'm more than thankful to have her as my mother.. I am blessed .. And she thought a lot about life ... And I am so much proud that even nothing was left for her... as long as my needs are provided she did ... the best lesson that I've learned from her ...is to be optimistic.. to keep smiling even in hard times ... And to be grateful:) ....Everything was fine living with my loving mother... not until I reached 3rd year college in bachelor of elementary education general knowledge... year 2014 that's 5 years ago when my mother died ... I lost the love I love the most ... it felt like my world are shattered...My dreams are falling apart.. I suffer depression so much... And it took me hard time to recover ... till I realise ..it shouldn't be like this .. living a lonely and unproductive life .. is not what my mother wanted for me.. I need to change my self ... I need to fix my self ... I remember it's love that mends wounds in the heart .... then on .. I need to move on .. because i have to lived my life to the fullest.. that's why I'm in the dating site ... hoping to find that right man for me ... whom I can smile and laugh with... And will fulfill the love that I always hope for 🙂 ... I open my heart to love and beloved... i wanted to start my life ... My own family...with the man who will stay together through ups and downs ... ever since .. My past time is reading I love fictions ..And pocket book romance... I also used to tutor children to read and write ...