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22 Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Seeking: Male 30 - 70
Welcome to my profile! I’m a fun, cheerful, kind and positive woman. I’m all about love because I have a big heart which people tend to take advantage of/for granted sometimes. I enjoy spending time with friends, doing simple domestic chores(I sometimes find cleaning therapeutic and relaxing plus I really really hate and is scared of dirt or germs, I think the official term is Germaphobia) I enjoy Reading and I’m a big Movie fan. The perfect weekend would be having my nose stuck in a book in bed or on the beach or binge watching Tv-series/movies while eating ice cream. I’m tender yet strong willed and can be a bit stubborn, I’m a good listener, a team player, I’m understanding and very family oriented, I grew up in a close knit and somewhat large family so family is important to me and I hope to start my own family soon. As much as I’m a homebody I also love to spend time outdoors with friends, family or making new friends. I enjoy going to restaurants, exploring, trying new things, living spontaneously (because life is mine to live) but not recklessly(since I only live once) I love to learn about different places, countries and culture, I hope I get the opportunity to travel someday it would be a beautiful experience but for now I’d just read about places I guess. I enjoy learning weird facts, For example, did you know pigs are physically unable to look up into the sky? No? Well, I guess now you know thanks to me! I’m not afraid to take the first step in the matters of Love and the Heart. As much as I love love, I also think it is very important for partners in a relationship to have their “Alone time” even though they have activities they do together they should also have things they do on their own, I believe this gives room for keeping things fresh and interesting. It might be Cliche but I do believe my Prince Charming is somewhere out there and I hope he finds me soon so I can sweep him off his feet! I’m only interested in a serious relationship that will hopefully lead to Marriage or commitment. If you want to “See how things go” I’m definitely not interested. Video calls/chat is a must and it’s very important for both of us to verify each other’s identity. If you’re going to ask for nude pictures or send me pictures of your private part then please stay away, I’m totally NOT INTERESTED in that and it’s just Disgusting and Disrespectful!!
26 Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
🍷Just call me Simplybae, You'll get to know my real name if I find the qualities I want in you 😊 🍷I live in Nigeria in West Africa. I'm a proud Igbo Woman I'm Proud of my culture 🍷 I'm a Black Woman, so it's okay if you're not interested In a black woman or a woman from Nigeria, then this Woman is not for you because she's meant for a King. 🍷 I'm single, never been married and no kids. 🍷I run my own business. 🍷I believe in kindness, empathy and humanity, I love Dogs and cats 😊 and I believe in treating people With Humanity 🍷A beautiful soul that stays away from negative energies and negative people. 🍷I love the baby girl lifestyle, I love the vacations, I love the spas and ⛱ beaches, I love a Man that loves taking care of his Woman and spoiling her with goodies and beautiful gifts, flowers, vacations and celebrating special moments within his means 🍷 I love love 🥰, I love a man that loves me and genuinely wants to see me happy and growing 💕 🍷 I'd love to have a beautiful family, a loving family with 2 adorable kids, a blissful and loving home some day. 🍷I'm only interested in an Intentional Man. 🍷 I'm not here to entertain your sexual fantasy, fan your toxic ego and Racial misogynism, I'd you lack common sense equally stay away from me. 🍷I'm not desperate 😅, if it takes 2 years to meet the right Man, I will wait than waste my 30 minutes of my time with the wrong guy. 🍷Lastly but most importantly, I don't believe in splitting the bills with my man, I want a Man that provides and cares for me within his own ability, if you believe in splitting the bills please stay away from me.
40 Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Seeking: Male 30 - 58
It's been quite while I left the platform to focus on me, my daughter and general stability. Do go through my entire profile because it's worth reading if you want know what I'm looking for on here. I may be your dream lady ☺️. All pictures are recently uploaded from May to July 2022 In the spirit of honesty, I'm not perfect.. yes but I would like to think I learn from most of my mistakes to improve and be a better version of myself. I love a good love story and would love to show it off. I am easygoing, positive and well grown lady who behave like one..calm, loyal, confident who know what she want and I take pride in my well-being, optimistic what is on here for me, I'm a Mother, quite very expressive of her desire. Highly moral, romantic to fault. I highly value honesty. My sense of appearance is neatly smart look. Goal driven, passionate, empathy, excellent conversationalist. I love high standard hygiene. I'm a lover of nature and animal (Man best friend). I have interest in politics, intellectual documentaries. Simple things counts alot to me. I believe in My christian background but I'm not the religious type. I'd understand the significant value of Honesty, commitment, love and Family. I can't think anything more essential than being truthful of who you're, what you want or what you can give. I'm a hopeless romantic. Hobbies/outdoor activities .. I'm a great chef but I know men are best chefs in the world. Reading, long walk, dinner out, volleyball, gym, cinema, music with goes with a moves hey you can't beat me with dance haha, travel I love it too and I wish to travel more but covid took the best of fun. Occasionally I like to have my Guinness, wine but it's fun with two. If you're still reading video call is a MUST, if at some point we decided to continue off the platform for a smooth communication and also established our authenticity. I do have great features which compliment me...am independent, affectionate, flirtous but with my Man, spontaneous, well disciplined, good communicator. I love to see myself in good company that will make me laugh and have fun. To me, faithfulness is not an option but a priority. Am more interested in simple quality relationship lifestyle I've a child and if you do have kids or not is very okay by me because I have the characteristics of mother for home and kids and I'm open minded to new things, a good gene for my man needs. NOTE: * Guys... please let's understand how to start a conversation, I meant decent chat. Please don't come up with sex talk at early start of chat. Some deep chat are necessity like sex, romance etc but has a validation time as things progresses. Be polite and have a sense of wisdom. * I have no interest in sharing any nude pics or any kind of Business transaction on here. I'm exclusively here to find love. * Am not here for games or to waste time please. * If you have interest to know more about me and we're on same page......message me and its will be my pleasure to reciprocate back. Deep thoughts and decent conversation are extremely essential to me and i really am looking forward to a commitment relationship, something very special and positive only.



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