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37 Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia
Seeking: Male 36 - 90
The last 2 pics was taking on new dau 2020..please if you don't do video cam with me to prove that I am real, please I am bagging you guys don't insult me for nothing before  blocking me. Because only an idoits can behave in search a ways like this. All of my pictures don't look the same and I am not hiding behind any marks that  i have to put makeup or wear expensive clothes before taking selfies  to send to anyone or to do video call. And I don't see anything wrong in being your self at times to talk to people on video or sending selfies. I can dress up like queen Jessibel if you guys want just for video but what difference does it makes if you don't see the natural woman first before she get behind the masks of what your calling makeups lipsticks and so on?, and when she in your home one morning you woke up to see an scary face next to you without that marks on. What will you do since you married to the masks but not the person behind the mask? I only do these things to be natural to show how real I am, but your can see my pictures from here and I have dozens of photos to prove that I am a real modest of a lady when it comes to dressing, but I like being real with someone when chatting to in the beginning so I don't think that is a crime for you guys not to take your time and find out about me but to insult me without giving me the chance to prove your wrong and blocked me right away. I am not bagging anyone because I know I am real and beautiful  I am just asking you guys to be mature and intelligent for once on here. Because we all have our errors and no one is perfect. I am real and I am me, if you don't believe the pictures I will send you call me on video before insulting or judging me wrongly which some of you have been doing on here because of your own selfish desires. And wrong judgement and i will let you  know that i am way too beautiful so you  will never understands my looks if even i send you dozens of photos because i get the move and appearances for all photos. And i sure a real man will love a woman like me who will always attract attention of the viewers with her sensitive looks. So please this is 2019 let all of us be intelligent and gentle in threating one another with respect and patient. We a know there are many scammers on here it doesn't means all are scammers from Africa, just how I won't say all men from aboard are porvert because there  are still decent men on here no matter the porverts are on here too.The best couples in the world it is not the couple with the same character but the couple with the same Understanding...Love and death are 2 uninvited guest no one no when they come but both do the same work,1 takes the heart and the other takes it beat... I am who I am... please I am not a porvert, I am not on here looking for a porvert guy either, so please stay out of my profile all of you porverts, and  to those guys who played mind games to get a lady down in there games to give then there online pleasure that they are on here for, I know all of your tricks, as much I am here to meet someone in real, don't there think you can lie to me or tricks me that you will be coming tomorrow or a week's or in a months time to see me, that you buying me present to bring me and in the next few minutes or days you start request for nude and etc that you are so hot for me that you can't wait to meet me. you have been managing your feelings before meeting me on here so why can you control it the same ways until we meet in real? I will tell you save your stories for the god's, even the god's don't get a damn to listen to this old tricks because they are all tired of your high school kids drama on here. But need a growing up intelligent man that know what he wants and go for it in real not sitting on here to make some freaking games.i know that I am very beautiful and have all in me that a real man will go off for and be dying to have me all though of his rest of his life so I am not stupid or desparate. It just the Matter of time to find that real sweet intelligent gentleman on here. It is not how long it takes, it is about how well it ends and you who laughs last laugh the best. So all porvert please stay out of my way because you will be wasting you and I time with all of the tricks and drama asusal you guys do and it won't work with me, I am not saying come today or tomorrow to meet me, if you don't have a plan of meeting a lady in real and having a real relationship please, pass me by let the good guys come inn and stop making fake promises that you can't keep only to get your aim accomplished.
25 Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia
Seeking: Male 26 - 49
32 Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia
Seeking: Male 30 - 51
20 Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia
Seeking: Male 21 - 40
25 Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia
Seeking: Male 26 - 49



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