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26 Kiambu, Central, Kenya
Seeking: Male 25 - 70
What is it you seek? A touch when you feel all alone? A shoulder to lean on when you feel unstable A teammates who will smile and laugh with you even when you know you can't win? Two strong arms to hold you all night? Soft lips which will search for yours no matter the hour,the years,and one that That will seek yours until our last breath? A person who appreciates you and loves you for who you are without trying to change a thing about you? One who will go out of her ways to bring a smile to your face A woman who feels your laughter is a beautiful song to her ears? A woman who will cry, pray and share all life of honor, integrity,and romance with you? Then close your eye and open your heart I will never be the best Good looking woman you meet. I will never be someone who can lay the world at your feet. I will never be a model and I'm not the most beautiful woman , Thanks to Christ,Thanks to the falls I've taken ,the missteps,the broken humbleness and failures I've suffered. I know how to truly love, I know how to truly trust I know peace I know compassion I know passion I know i will never be the best but what if if I'm best at loving you??? What is it iseek?? What ever I'm about to type i ask that you hear with your mind and Do not Listen with your Heart, Though this might soud backwards i assure you it is not. No one in my mind was created by accident.Christ make no mistakes Just as he makes no ugly,this being said i don't have a type of person that I'm looking for,no perfect hair color,eyes color,Skin color tone or color, i love to hear my soul reaches deeper than my vision, All I can say what i Have found works Best with me,and so is starting what does not, I'm not good with dominating personality's if you have one is a blessing, but i have always found my life is best when balanced,a 50/50 take and give If you have had more than one or two women in your life that have been all about taking and not giving,i can promise you,you will not find me in the least bit attractive,one of you is reading this right now and saying__ oh that is just what I'm looking for my Ex was such a self centered but that she never cared for me and so was my girlfriend and so was the last girl i dated and so on and so on, I can say beyod 100% of doubt there is nothing about me you will like😄life is short and all to often We seek out that is which we are comfortable with,rather you see it or not you might be attracted to this type of personality, subconsciouly you might be seeking this out, I encompass none of this will be waste of the most precious gift God has granted you, time Last i live life ,i really couldn't care less what my color,hair,body looks(what little i have),so if you are someone who is continually Worried a about your appearance ,ones again we are not a good fit. To be a good fit for me,best your heart is that of a desire to experience and a longing for adventures.i have no urge to read how others have lived theris,to be honest I'm not good with instructions or putting this back in a box after I've removed them Either.,,,. I will finish my dissertation here,.., by saying I will be praying for your happiness And your hearts desire,God bless 🙏🏼❤ REGARDS Much love from kenya