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35 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: 25 - 65
I'm extremely smart, so if your trying to run game on me talking to dozens of women at once or just trying escape your home country to get into Canada, keep it moving.....don't waste my time.....you will get blocked.....and NO RESPONSE, means I'm not interested, I'll straight tell you, your not my type... don't keep "liking me over and over again" I'm picky with a cause.....Im attracted to TRULY attractive men..... (now that we are clear) I'm extremely educated, street smart, ghetto/hood smart, common sense smart, I can't stand dishonest people, trying to pull the wool over my eyes. ....I always find out the truth, before you say the words, I'm sharp, and I'll drop you for even one single lie to me.....straight up and down...... (I hope we are clear on all that as well) OK moving on.... I'm a bit spicy, which carribbean mixed chick isn't??? Real talks!!...lol....Im big hearted, kind, giving, loyal and honest and trustworthy gorgeous on the inside and out lady, who works a career that I love, I'm very talented and gifted, I drive a European car, enjoy a bit of a bougie lifestyle, I love to laugh and smile and have a good time no matter where we go! I love and appreciate family first, and I love cats and other animals, I love to do everything for fun, museums, art galleries, movies, hiking, (I don't swim,) amusement parks are cool sometimes, and most importantly world travel.....on my bucket list of places I want to visit is Isreal, and follow the steps of Jesus, and experience a higher level of spiritual being. There, and Dubai, cause I want to go on shopping spree in style and fashion and looking for a special guy to take me there and spoil me. I'm a well rounded, well educated woman, who eventually wants to get married and have huge diamond on my finger, maybe 1 or 2 kids (or none depending on our lifestyle, I'm OK with either) I love to cook, and clean, ill Martha Stewart for my man, or we can just get a maid or personal chef and learn new cooking techniques. I love kids, as well.....and If your interested in me you gotta past my parents test, they are the most important people in my life. Also, your parents will love me, and you will love me for the way I carry myself with class and style!! I'm one in a million that's for sure!! Holler at me, and let's get to know each other better.......❤💋 Love, maybe your future lady❤💋
49 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male 30 - 59
-------PLEASE KINDLY TAKE TIME TO READ MY PROFILE CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTACTING ME.----------- I have joined this site as I am a person who prefers to date outside of my own race. Thank you to everyone who may send me messages but please know I am looking to find a man who is not the same race as myself. I prefer a man who can provide and intellectual conversation. I believe we are never too old to learn some new ideas. I also love someone who has a well tuned sense of humor and a dry wit. I am a world traveler and I have lived on three different continents being North America, Europe and Africa. I love to live in less developed countries and experience and immerse myself in different cultures of those countries. I find that cultures who live a slower paced lifestyle are much more friendly and family oriented. They care more about fellow man and are much easier to manage in. I am more than willing to relocate to another country, especially if it a country that does not have the cold winters that we have here in Canada. I love nature and the out doors. I like the sounds of water running in natural sources. I love to swim in rivers and lakes. I love the sounds of birds singing and leaves blowing in the wind. I find nature to be so relaxing and beautiful. I love all animals both wild and domesticated. I am a pet owner and I like people who also like animals.. If anything that I have expressed in my profile sounds like something that you can offer me please feel free to contact me.
42 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male 32 - 55
In my public life I’m outspoken and own my own businesses that being said privately I understand and value traditional gender roles within a family / between a man a woman. I’m not interested in snowflakes and value alpha head of the family type males. It takes a lot of trust for me to let go of my dominant persona and fall into the more supportive role that I crave in a mate. I am independent, drink sometimes , cuss but not in front of my Mama - I know when it’s appropriate. Family is everything. I am never going to turn my head away from my Christian god , cover my hair or ever be anything but treasured by my man who I will adore and make my priority Truth is I don’t like the dating game - I long to find a meaningful relationship where we can grow as people - I’m shy and that shocks people but with my person, once those walls are down and trust is established sexual chemistry is very important to me. Other than preferring bigger guys my type has nothing to do with specific physical appearances- confidence, honour, loyalty and old school values are the the biggest turn ons for me. I want to live the next chapter of my live in peace with someone who feels like my person , best friend and can rein in all my energy. Im over the big city life I am a country girl in the soul. I work out - stupidity let me start smoking for the last 6mons but I’m fixing that problem I do not look my age - that’s good but I’m no cougar I’m looking to find the person that my hearts been needing