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46 Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
READ the DESCRIPTION If your profile does not have the questions answered without a description and with just 1 photo, I will certainly not respond to your message. ...🌻🌻🌻 Yes the description is long, and believe me if you don't have the patience to read an entire description you certainly have the patience to have a relationship with a Latina woman lol Hi, if you really intend to get to know me, espero que you are able to make a video call to prove that you are real and that you don't feel offended in answering all my questions about you.I am 46 years old,im a happy, fun woman who is thirsty for learning about life, I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English .I am that person with eyes in the eyes, I want to see your soul and I will be observing you and appreciating your qualities as you interact with other people, it may be invasive at times, mas meu sentido que o meu intenso que o meu intensos. Quando que o qual que o qual que o que o que o que o que o que o meu smile ou o my look, visual communication é something i always use. É sempre fundo, e oftentes usemente. I love MMA we can watch it together if you don't mind possibly finding yourself immobilized by me, remember that I come from the Gracie family country lol lol I'm interested in underwater fishing, paragliding and a multitude of other cool things, I'm positive and cheerful I love barbecue music and cold beer, I go to the gym every day 6 times a week I don't eat fast food but if you want to eat a Mac Donalds go ahead I don't care, o que tente povo para que eu efeito...We are all adults and we know what our body's priority is, no mesmo way, no que quem que trijam-me que temos de force me to do things, I don't want to do...in fact, good luck to anyone who tries lol I'm looking for a serious relationship, I'm not here to make friends so if you're not interested in having a real relationship don't waste your time and don't make me waste mine.I like gyn and if you like it we can go together that would be fun, if you know how to cook and like it, you will be guaranteed a lot of my attention, I love seeing my man in the kitchen that is so hot....My friends say that I'm a big hurricane that arrives messing up everything and leaving the environment in an uproar and that I carry a giant heart... whence that means lol. Conseguinte, um perso felizmente, que likes to see everyone happy, I have a very striking personality but I am polite and careful when I want to make my opinion clear and I know how to do it emphatically. I'm protective and carefull, I'll always be worrying about when you're safe, when you're stuck, when you're cold lol This can be a little invasive in some people's eyes lol I am a person with a lot of personality, who loves uncomplicated things, the complicated and the mysterious bother me deeply, I am the person who will always worry about your well-being so if you don't like a lot of attention then we will have a problem, I am the Goofy type of person I will always make silly jokes, and possibilmente, you will laugh at all of them... I will always keep asking myself why lol lol but at the same time I am extremely serious and focused when the subject is important...I'm a tarot ,I'm a Lady Barber💈 and I share my work between barber and tarot reading... At the moment I'm not working because I chose to spend some time with my mother. I practice meditation, I love music and I can have no live without it. I have a chronic illness called fibromyalgia...it's possible that I'll use this as an excuse to convince you to spend the day in bed with me sometimes...but don't worry, it could be fun...lol lol I'm looking for something to share moments of peace with. I am calm and grounded, and I believe that ministering my peace is paramount for me.This doesn't mean that I'm apathetic, quite the opposite, there's a lot of life in me and possibly, I can surprise you in several aspects, so , be ready for a life of adventures