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49 Kraków, Małopolskie, Poland
Seeking: Female 18 - 51
On the one hand, I have a golden heart, and on the other hand, I am too crazy about my senses. I am looking for a serious relationship of mutual love. Love always win if we are most important to each other! I will only write back to the person who can spare time for me and who has read my full description carefully. In real life, I look 43 years old and I can prove it at the meeting, I am not lucky in love but I am lucky with genes :). I cannot motivate myself, I can only act if there is mutual motivation. I am a little or very weird because I do not race in formula 1 races, I do not conquer 8 thousandth of a mountain peak, I do not fight MMA, I am a man different than most and this is my curse, because women can only madly love men who are egoists then a whole woman time has to strive for his favors and it excites her, if a man has a good heart and it is evident that he loves a woman very much, she then loses interest in him this world is strange but I still can't be selfish, the most important thing for me is my family, the whole I help my family with my life, I also have other quirks: instead of going to vodka with my friends, I prefer to go to the cinema with a woman or, for example, dance to a club, I am a bit interested in astrology and numerology, I have been working in the restaurant industry for 26 years, work is like a hobby for me I like to commit to what I do in 100%, the most important thing in my relationship is true mutual love, I will not find myself in a relationship where people live with each other but each of them likes and needs as much time separately as possible, and they do not want to share their lives with each other, and I am not looking for such a relationship. I am looking for a relationship where we will be the most important for myself, I like it when a woman cares about me, is interested in my affairs, problems, but at the same time relieves me in simple activities because everyone does not like to do something, I like it when she helps and supports me, she wants me was the most important for them, the same gives in return, the dish to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the dish, I believe that the real relationship is no longer you and I but "us" is a combination of two lives into a new one, I want and dream about reiavhi where we will be happy at every moment together, that we can create a common life together, teach each other, advise, support and care for each other. I am very passionate, I like to try different things in sex with my beloved woman and I like to enjoy sex there are no taboos for me. I love music, dance, sometimes I write poetry, I like to talk a lot about various things: about business, politics, fashion, sport, many things in life, I like to laugh a lot, be joyful, watch comedies, cabaret, I feel best I am at the seaside, when they walk many kilometers along the long beach, listening to the sound of the waves, I feel like in paradise .... So before I have been in two long-term relationships, but unfortunately I have loved very much without reciprocity, so now I am careful, I will not gain women by force, I have to see each other interest, and if I do not see: that she also wants to meet me, that she is looking for a conversation with me, that she really wants to get to know me, I will not be intrusive, a relationship is a mutual fascination, then it can be successful .... who knows me in real life says that I am handsome I know about it and I also know that I have a very good heart so why am I alone, well I am not lucky in love I am handsome but I have too a bi t of problems since I was a child I suffer from intestines so I can't eat everything I have to stick to a diet sometimes I have a worse medical condition, I noticed that people who are completely healthy do not understand people with diseases, I have experienced in my life that a woman prefers a man completely healthy because the disease causes various problems, so if you are a person who does not understand it, do not start a conversation with me, I do not want to be hurt again, pkease people do not play with the feelings of others, some people really fall in love, some people give up their hearts and then they suffer a lot can you understand it ?? Skip the fact that I am very hardworking and many years ago I gave a woman my whole heart and I also very financiale care about her, I got her out of poverty, my sister got her a job. Every day I showed her great love: I kissed, hugged, said compliments, looked at her with great love, helped with problems, always listened, advised, comforted, supported, with me from a gray mouse woman who did not believe in self, she became a rezolutną, a go-ahead woman, she was also promoted at work, she was happy, because if she was loved by me so she gets wings and everything is easier, even if he does not love, if he is loved, he gets amazing energy, which he often does not realize, if a person is supported, his is strong. Well, I gave her everything I had my whole heart, trust, light in life in people, in love, my goodness, unfortunately everything was trampled down, burned alive, she never loved me, she was only a recipient and one day: she fell in love with a man who likes to lie sweet, he likes to cheat, he impressed her that he took her to climb to the top of a very high mountain, impressed her with his hobby a sport that I couldn't do because of my health problems, he was a man who only plays with life, changes women every few months, they give him money for life because he was just having fun and not working, but he was better, he was healthier. Then I heard the truth from her "I never loved you, I married you without love, my mother persuaded me to marry you because you were resourceful and you had money and said that love would come later, unfortunately it did not come, now I know what it is true love, I'll do anything for him, even jump into the fire .., you were too good for me and I don't like such sensitive men ... ". Of course, by law, I had to give her half of the property for which I earned her 90 percent, what did she need for him because he had nothing ..... "I am a good man who loves with all my heart , I show it every day, I also like big joy, fun laughter, go to the club, to the restaurant, go for holidays, I'm not a stiff, I like to enjoy life, but I always losing competition to men who are crooks who pretend to be ideals, who know how to lie sweet, who are selfish and cheat., so most of the women for such sweet bad men can jump into the fire.