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26 Limburg an der Lahn, Hesse, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
❤️❤️❤️🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️👩‍🍼❤️❤️❤️🚀🚀🚀 Stop praying and beating your chest! I want you to go out into the world and enjoy life. I want you to enjoy, sing, have fun and enjoy everything that I have done for you. Stop going to that global, dark and cold temples that you build yourself and that you call my home. My home is in the mountains, in the forests, on the rivers, on the lakes, on the beaches. This is where I live and this is where I express my love for you. Stop blaming me for your miserable life; I've never said that there is something wrong with you, or that you are a sinner, or that your sexuality is bad. Sex is a gift that I have given you and through which you can express your love, your ecstasy, your joy. So don't blame me for everything you've been led to believe. Stop reading so-called scripts that have nothing to do with me. If you cannot read me in the sunrise, in the landscape, in the eyes of your friends, in the eyes of your son. You won't find me in any book! Trust me and stop asking me. Are you going to tell me how to do my job? Stop being so afraid of me. I don't judge you, I don't prioritize you, I don't get angry, I don't get upset, I don't want to hurt you. I am pure love. Stop asking me for forgiveness, there is nothing to forgive. If I created you, I filled you with passwords, limitations, pleasures, relations, needs, contraindications of free will... How can I blame you if you respond to what I put in you? How can I punish you for being who you are when I am the one who made you? Do you think I could create a place to burn all my misbehaving children for the rest of eternity? What crazy god can do that? Forget all commands, all laws; these are tricks to manipulate you, to control you, which only make you feel guilty. Respect your peers and don't want you to be your own. All I ask is that you pay attention to your life, that your vigilance be your guide. My beloved, this life is not a test, not a step, not a step along the way, not a rehearsal, not a prelude to paradise. This is the only life here and now, and the only thing you need. I have made you absolutely free, there are no rewards, no rewards, no sins, no virtues, no one keeps score, no one keeps records. You are absolutely free to create heaven or hell in your life. I can't tell you if there is anything after this life, but I can give you some advice. Live like it doesn't exist. As if this is your only chance to enjoy, to love, to exist. Thus, if there is nothing, then you have taken the opportunity that I have given you. And if there is, then rest assured, I will not ask you if you have been saved well or properly, I will ask you, did you like it? Did you have fun? What did you like the most? Выберите выполнения? Stop believing in me; to believe is to suppose, guess, imagine. I don't want you to believe in me, I want you to feel me in you. I want you to feel me in you when you kiss your lover, when you kiss your daughter, when you pet your dog, when you swim in the sea. Stop raising me, what kind of selfish God do you think I am? I'm tired of being drafted, I'm tired of being drafted. Do you feel gratitude? "The world is a world of health," said the President of the World Health Forum. Do you feel like you are being overshadowed, overwhelmed? Express your joy! It's a way to compliment me. Stop overwhelming things and repeat like a parrot what you were taught about me. The only certainty is that you are here, that you are alive, that this world is full of wonder. Выбрать недоступно? "Why so many explications?" 9682221834 //7//+/// do n't look for me outside, you won't find me. Find me inside... here I am, beaming in you. Source: Spinoza. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol. I have been living in Germany for three years. Escaped from Russia. Living in Hesse. After he moved to Rothenburg on Fulda. I lived in the camp for about one year. I currently live in Limburg near Frankfurt am Main. There is a photo on ig. ski.laufen. Looking forward to German courses this month. ВЫБРАТЬ ЗАГРУЗК