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British Columbia

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63 Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
I am a comedian and teach happiness. I speak 5 languages I desire a woman with a very high self-love, with a very strong will force, very intelligent, good communication, not afraid of rejection and who understands the many benefits of making love and gratification delayed. She should be healthy and kind to strangers. I hate the films of fear and violence. It's normal for me to die for my wife. I love big breasts. If you ever get hurt even for a second, give it quickly. Ask me what it is . I want to save at least 58 lives in Africa in the next  years. I never worry or repent of anything. There is no man who is as close to being unique as me. I laugh at least 80  times a day and make people laugh much more than that. I have had more than   35 serious illnesses and all are cured. I have had different jobs and loved them all except 1 in Hawaii. I traveled the world for 12  years. . I am deeply in love with my life and myself. I love making love. A man of my age has an erection 5 minutes a day.I normally have a 2 or 3 hours a day. My passion is to help people with their own love. I have an erection when I help even ugly women. I'm one in a million. You'll never find a guy like me. I have ideas that will leave you boquid. I could easily be famous but I don't want. My hero is Martin Luther King. I almost always read in Spanish. Romance is a big part of making love. I was the most popular teacher in my school. A boy was so bad and when I got on his good side , he helped me with the discipline in my Spanish class. I almost always see videos that make me feel good. I'm so sure laughter is the best medicine because after a serious operation, the normal recovery time was 2 weeks. I left the hospital in 3 days because my roommate was a comedy man. I am really optimistic. My only health problem now is that once a month I am so excited that I can't sleep for a couple of days. I am a child with 2 feelings of sadness and happiness and I am almost always happy . I do things and say things every day that no one does, as long as he does not hurt them. I love to sing and I will take voice lessons. I am tired when people tell me you can't do this.I have many friends. If someone doesn't get along with me well, that person has a serious problem. I'm going to buy an airplane someday. My favorite film is the pursuit of happiness. I love my enemies I have not been angry in 20 years, I have little or no stress. I love to speak in public I was homeless for a year on purpose to understand how a person can be happy with little money.I have 5 brothers and sisters and I am the only one who gets well with everyone. I love all animals. I love it when people get angry and insult me because it punishes itself. Romance is a big part of making amor.es embrace, kiss, snuggle, look, play sensually, snuggle, and grab your hands. ..
35 Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 21 - 30