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60 Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Seeking: Female 45 - 69
Smart, witty, strong and social Dutch guy is looking for his future wife. My real name is Peter. I am single now for almost 7 years and I feel incomplete without the warmth, attention, company, care and intimacy of a woman. I am a serious guy with some serious intentions. No tips, no jokes, adventures, groin, cheating or deceiving. I am a bit of a traditional man as well, it's my responsibility to protect and take care of my family and ofcourse treat my promising like a princess. I can offer you a secure, safe, stable and happy life in Holland & Spain. You will find no addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, sex) or misbehavior (violence, disorders). Ofcourse I am not perfect. I can be impatience, direct and stubborn. I am very family oriented and social trust and decent person. I am familiar with the Slavic attitude and culture (was very happily married for a long time with a Russian lady of Ukrainian descent). I am very much aware of the political situation, but it's not my intention to discuss or question it. This is a datingsite not a political forum. I don't want to wait for my precious time with chatting or mailing. In mijn opinig de (second) beste weg om onze acquaintance zijn videooproepen te starten. When we really like eachother we can organize personal meeting in a neutral country we both can visit (Turkiye?). Your children are more and welcome by the way. If you think we could be a match please don't hesitate to contact me and let's find out if we're compatible. My Russian is poor!
59 Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Seeking: Female 30 - 60
Serious man with serious intentions is looking for his black Queen to become his future wife (and maybe mother of our children as well). I am a widower since 7 years and feeling incomplete without my soulmate next to my side. I am attracted to a feminine, dark skinned, child, warm and witty lady who has serious intentions as well. Nadat dat wordt uitgesloten op videooproepen we kunnen bedoeld en vinden als we’re compatibel en een match voor levensduur. I am not interested in your age, post, education or hobbies….you will be judgled by your character, attitude, white, warmth, personality, femininity and sense of humor. My children and friends consider me to be trustworthy, reliable, honest and decent. I'm a traditional family man with high social values. It’s time to build a new family and your kids are more then welcome. I live a happy life in Holland, I want to live in a sunny southern country as well. I've been going around the would and have seen many countries already. In 2023 I want to stop working and enjoy life a bit more….maybe together with you?. ’t€™s a very hard time. I am looking for a lady to come my Queen. Mijn eerste stap van geeteld wordt mijn aanvraag voor uw recente pics (zonder zonglassses of wigs). Nadat u ik wilt communiceren in video en vinden als er’s een verbinding is. I am punctuation and structural. I’t€™t like it when someone is not a stick to his appointment or due to time. In de begelning we will make appointments for our videocalls. I’t€™t want to be a good night at my work or during social events. I am in no rush and realize that the time for getting the data is over. ’€™m begeleiving you, I'm not going to be able to make it to you, but I'm not going to be able to make it to you, I can offer you a stable, secure, safe and happy life.
59 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Seeking: Female 40 - 69
My name is Peter. I am a tall, intelligent, witty and strong man. I am a happy man, I am incomplete as well. My final goal here is to find my future wife, create a new family and live a happy life in 2 countries. I have a very social, caring and protecting attitude and am a real family man as well. I am not in a position to be in the middle of the road, but I am not in a position to be in the middle of the road, but also to be in the middle of the road, to be in the middle of the road, to be in the middle of the road, to be in the middle of the road. I am a bit of a traditional man and it's my nature to take care of my promising ones, protect them and offer them a stable, secure, careless and loving life...or friendship. I am very familiar with the Slavic attitude and was a long time very happily married to a Russian woman before. I am very outgoing, love to travel and visit restaurants, theaters, museums and parties. I am a good dancer, good cook and very handy with children, tools, animals and gardens. Een persoonlijke matter niet een digitale één wordt geopend. De beste weg om de meerdere persoonlijke meetings te gaan, de beste beste weg om de videooproepen te doen en en de zwste weg is verschatting. I always had a good time to do things the best way in life! I am not into adventures, cheating, deceiving, indecent proposals or digital sex! I am a serious man with serious intentions and I expect the same from you. Het verschil van een ruis of in een kruis, dat de tijd van de juiste weg niet worden geïnteerd. I love the video and I love it. I liked it and worked in several countries.......even in Russia! It's my intention to live in Spain again as well. I am vaccinated. Are you the woman I am looking for and are you the woman to make life complete again? I hope to hear from you soon then. I don't reply to profiles without pics or sunglass pics. I feel very sorry for all Ukrainian people because of the present bath and scary circumstantial circumstances they have to deal with. Maybe the presence on this site could bring a bit of hope, happiness and love back into one's heart.
58 Bovenkarspel, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Seeking: Female 40 - 65
Strong, witty, intelligent, virile man has been alone for too many years already. I am a happy and happy person I am incomplete as well. I miss the attention, company, heat and intimacy of a woman. I am very selfsupporting and for sure I am not looking for a housekeeper, cook or nanny. I am looking for my soul and future wife. My family and friend would describe me as reliable, trustworthy, strong, decidive, intelligent, the word is not a word of a word, but also a bit dominant as well. I can offer my woman a stable, secure, safe and happy life. I am familiar with the Russian culture and Slavic attitude. No smoking, gambling, drinking or other addicts here. I don't do drugs either and have no debits or mortages. I am a real family oriented man and fond of my children and friends. The staff were very friendly and helpful. It's my final goal to build up a new family and memories. Uw kinderen zijn meer dan welkom. I don't like cheating, deceiving, playing around or don't stick to your appointment and agreements. I have a beautiful place at the Andalucian coast as well I am prepared to move to another part of Europe we both like. Ofcourse we will live in our native countries as well. In 2022 I will be working and enjoying life a bit more...maybe with you? The staff were very friendly and helpful. I am in no hurry because I am very realistic as well and know that building up a new relationship takes time. Als u de beste weg wilt gaan met zijn persoonlijke meetings, maar dat de afstand het niet eenvoudig alle tijd is. De afbedijden zijn videooproepen in whatsapp of viber. I don't use social media. And the most unpersonal and badly way is chatting. I am not in that. I will always ask you for some other recent, recognizable and unphotoshopped pics without sunglasses. It's my first step before a video call. I will send you my pics as well. Als er een bezig met en vinden als we're compatibel en op de beame intentioneel niveau. I would prefer to meet the first time on a romantic, warm, neutral place (on my costs) where we can combine our meeting with a little sunny holiday. May I be a Greec Island or Turkye? Het zonder de gebruik van een translateur (zonder het gebruik van een translateur) is een zeer zodat. Are you the one who will complete my life again?



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