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Eugen Prince
61 Vienna, Wien, Austria
Seeking: Female 37 - 63
Hi :) I am Eugen Prince and the most necessary to know about me is that I love God and I am loyal in relationship just I am loyal to my loving God and this is why I hate all kind of lies knowing that in a relationship of love cannot exist any motivation to lie, or to hide anything or to hold evil thoughts and smile sincerely at the same time. Why to lie when God called us to delight in sharing His forgiveness practically demonstrated by His infinite wisdom revealed in the Scriptures. Since love is self-giving (self-sacrifices) we can be loving only being always ready to live in according this divine principle given by God to define love just as God Himself demonstrated doing even the greatest self-sacrifice. Reading God’s wisdom revealed in all Holy Scriptures i found that the Lord created us to be His glory. To know about your IDentity (from where are you coming... why are you here... and where are you going in eternity) you need to THINK BIG about your Creator RESTING and being REFRESHED in Genesis 2:1-3 Exodus 31:17 KNOWING that Adam sinning will put the whole world in the hands of most cruel destroyer Satan. Then knowing that in advance WHY HE RESTED being REFRESHED in Genesis 2:1-3 Exodus 31:17 in the time when when also His heavens was NOT anymore in a state of rest in obedience(sabbatismus) because Lucifer and his billions of angels ceased to see obedience as love(Ezekiel 28:15 Job 15:15 Rev 12:7 2Peter 2:4 etc). Since GOD IS LOVE He cannot use force He allowed the fight started in heaven to be transferred in Genesis 3:15 to continue between Satan’s children coming from our first criminal Cain and the children of God coming from the righteousness Seth who replaced the righteous Abel. RESTING being REFRESHED in Genesis 2:1-3 Exod 31:17 God saw that from Seth will come His LAWYERS(jury) living in obedience in all God’s Laws will JUSTIFY God in all His saying in the Law(Rom 3:4 Rev 14:7) so that He will overcome when He will be judged by Satan’s LIARS mentioned in Rom 3:4 living with the saying “i am only a MAN and as MEN nobody can KEEP the commandments of God -Exodus 20”. RESTING being REFRESHED in Genesis 2:1-3 Exod 31:17 God saw that not using force but using YOU AS HIS LAWYER He will END successfully the fight started in heaven against God’s Law which is the fundament of His government since His Law is the revelation of His character of love. RESTING being REFRESHED in Genesis 2:1-3 Exod 31:17 God saw that giving you always 6 days state rest in obedience, rest of idolatry, rest of lies, rest of adultery, rest of stealing etc (state of rest called sabbatismos in Hebr 4:9 Matt 11:28) finally you will be able on the seventh day to enter in HIS REST being REFRESHED(Hebr 4:10,4) showing yourself as being compatible to RESTORE the heavenly state of rest REPLACING the fallen worshippers(angels) with you as eternally better worshipper seen by God in Isaiah 66:23 already on the time HeE RESTED being REFRESHED in Genesis 2:1-3 Exod 31:17. &Now seeing yourself as created to be here as God’s LAWYER for the glory of God(Colos 1:27 2Thes 1:10 Rom 8:17) you should always REMEMBER that whatever are you doin or saying you glorify God in His saying in the Law that YOU CAN KEEP His commandments Exodus 20 OR you glorify Satan in his saying that “YOU ARE ONLY A MAN” an men are seen as LIARS in Rom 3:4 saying that is impossible to KEEP the commandments of God Exodus 20.. Are you living in Rom 3:4 as LAWYER or as LIAR ??? The middle way cannot eist and there is NO place reserved in heaven for the middle way... GOD IS LOVE and you are called to be more and more LIKE GOD knowing that the power of your love CAN change you, because nobody an even God will accept your deluded saying: "accept me just as I am because i don’t care or i don’t want to change to be everyday more LIKE GOD to live eternally with God(Matt 5:48)"... You will also not accept A MAN living with the deluded saying “I AM ONLY A MAN” always hurting you with anything which in fact I CAN change so that i will not hurt you anymore... I think the most important in a person is the ability to embrace ONLY what is good (at first in God’s eyes) because as living without God in all ways of life even the best person will be always developing in a destroyer of all what can be called as sweet love, sweet peace and sweet joy. &Since only God can know the future I will trust God already from the beginning knowing that He will always find ways to show me who is the one who is compatible for me as His servant(Mal 3:17,18). Of course only the time can demonstrate if a person will be heart burn or an iceberg as being associated with an iceberg...
54 Vienna, Wien, Austria
Seeking: Female 27 - 50
IT is important for me to classify the following in advance. I will certainly not answer anyone who then send me a mail that redirects me to a paid website. This is unfair and there might be enough stupid people who would fall for IT, but I certainly won't My intentions are serious and I will certainly not be ripped off. This must be clear to whoever is contacting me. So thank you for the understanding. Professionally, I can't make "get-to-know-you" visits because I don't have the time, I run a company with offices in Miami, Sydney and Vienna. I also have no problem to support your family in your home country but IT has to fit between us. No social experiments! Thank you in any case, I am endowed with a special child of humor, which has already saved me from many a despair. I am creative, communitative, a good listener, spontaneous yet level-headed, an optimist without loss of reality, life-affirmative and absolutely no bore. It is important for me to clarify the following in advance. I'm sure I won't answer anyone, where I'll be redirected to a paid website via mail contact. This is absolutely unfair and may give enough stupid to come into it, I certainly do not. My intentions are serious and will certainly not let me be ripped off. That must be clear to the person who is reporting to me. Thank you for your understanding. In any case, I am equipped with a special kind of humor, which has already saved me from many despair. I am creative, communicative, able to listen well, spontaneous but nevertheless calm, optimist without loss of reality, life-affirming and absolutely no long-weiler.
49 Graz, Steiermark, Austria
Seeking: Female 20 - 50
Assalam o alaykum wa rahmatullahe wabarakatuhu. ALLAH swt tests your patience and rewards beyond the expectations. am NOT PERFECT but a straight forward & down to earth believer, pragmatic, simple lifestyle, modest, considerate, sincere, loyal & trustworthy, very loving and affectionate, humorous, cheerful & optimistic. Since every coin has two sides, therefore am also as per situation, sometimes forthright and strict. am EU citizen of Pakistani origin.from the capital city. Speak German, English, Urdu, Punjabi, some Hindi & Bengali. Very much interested in Arabic now. Kindly g mail on my name and will get back to you. A free member not subscribed. لا أستطيع التحدث بالعربية بعد ولكني قمت بترجمة النص التالي لتسهيل فهمه أنا لست مطلقة بعد ولكن فقط منفصلة. العيش بمفرده في النمسا. الزوجة والأطفال يعيشون في وطنهم. ملتزم ومكرس لهم (أيضًا ماليًا). فقط الزواج في الدين ممكن. جميع الطامحين للتعليم العالي موضع ترحيب كبير. سيكون ذلك بديلاً قانونيًا للعيش في أوروبا. وإذا لم يكن ذلك ممكنًا بالنسبة لك ، فيمكنني أيضًا أن آتي إليك بشكل دوري. إذا كنت لا تزال مهتمًا ، فما عليك سوى إرسال بريد إلكتروني على اسم ملفي الشخصي ولكن بدون رقم العمر وسأرد عليك. بارك الله فيك. Bin gläubig, geradlinig, aufrecht, bodenständig, herzig und fröhliche persönlichkeit mit einfachen Lebensstil. Rücksichtsvoll, loyal, zuverlässig und vertrauenswürdig. unter umstände kann auch stur und hartnäckig sein. am separated but not divorced yet. time limit uncertain as of now, therefore still married officially but practically is the relationship dead, so living ALONE in Austria. wife & kids now live in home country. Pakistan. committed and dedicated to them (also financially). NOCH NICHT Geschieden aber getrennt und allein lebend. Da ich hier ein frei Mitglied bin, schreib mir ein g mail einfach an meine name aber ohne dem Alterszahl und werde bei dir melden. Contemplating a need & situation based HALAL and TRANSPARENT NIKAH InshaALLAH. would seriously consider only the most pertinent and harmonious candidates. Under legitimate and unavoidable circumstances might also temporarily consider a distant family. Highly encourage higher education for women. aspirants are most welcome to continue their studies in Austria. need based employment / for the betterment of the society / as contribution to society / is advocated but not mandatory. am minimalist and therefore NOT materialistic am laid-back and do not classify myself as a high-flyer and believe i was not sent down to become a super earning machine. the parameter of Income though is NEVER a constant but realistically is always subject to a change. Those Sisters already fed up of being single need to show wisdom here. am NOT rich rather earn amicable and do not run after money. have always honored my financial obligations timely. capable of and committed to the next SALEHA financially as well InshaALLAH. have also a very reasonable accommodation to offer. aspiring for a change and open to new options including that of relocating back to home/other country or Islamic environment, but would do so only for a honest and dedicated Muslima. have sufficient qualification for Dunya. InshaALLAH want to enhance the authentic knowledge and practice DEEN and strive to be a truly practical Muslim and NOT just a traditional Muslim, to be fearful of and Love ALLAH swt, just ,forgiving to my near and dear, educating myself in IMAAN and AMAL E SALEH. Hobbies include helping and assisting (social work), reading, sleeping, walking, sport, observing the society, life and its purpose, creations and the Creator.