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37 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female
Firstly, I am an old school gentleman, I'm polite and courteous and chivalrous, the kind of man to bring home to meet your family. I am a very calm and well mannered, i don't anger easily, yet i forgive easily and don't hold grudges. I detest fighting with a partner as i feel it solves nothing and i will actively avoid fighting at all times. I am an old soul, i have a very tender side to me. I can be solid as a rock protecting my partner and my family, but i am never jealous. I don't like jealousy, i find it very distasteful and a major turn off and i would go as far to say that its one aspect that is a deal breaker for me ****(IF YOU ARE A JEALOUS WOMAN DO NOT CONTACT ME)**** I don't appreciate childish behaviour, i like my partner/gf/wife to be funny, friendly, warm and playful. She needs to be adaptable, able to relax and let loose and go crazy having fun and when she needs to be serious and professional she can switch to being that. I like feisty women whom can be a little stubborn and strong willed even opinionated. I'm a huge amount of fun, i love outdoor adventures to pretty much anywhere. Rock climbing, jet skiing, bungee jumping, hopping over a neighbours fence to go swim in their pool (shhh dont tell them that). I love travelling, ive been to about 20'ish countries. Id like to spend more time in the USA and South America. I love food, mexican, italian, japanese, indian. Im a damn side better cook than most of the restaurants ive visited. I often wonder why i pay money for food when i can do a much nicer job. If its for the experience, id rather prepare a picnic basket and head to the beach or find a nice spot and wait for the sun to go down and star gaze. If star signs are your thing, hell even if they arent your thing. Google it. I'm the quintessential Sagittarius. I don't put any stock in it, its just one of those happy coincidences. I also have about 50 interests on the go at any given moment. Photography, painting, working with my hands - i can fix just about anything, or invent something to fix the original problem. I help run a social diversion program for people (adults and children) and we create a safe space for people to go if they need it. Pick a sport....i mean a real sport, ill play it or have played it. Personality 100% Sagittarius Myers Briggs - ENTP (https://www.16personalities.com/entp-personality) **I am also a very very good judge of character, i can figure people out extremely quickly. If you are deceptive, a liar, someone who has difficulty with the truth. You cannot fool me, so don't try.
52 Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
My profile heading: ===================== Good evening. The balancing. A little about Myself: ======================== Adventurous Musician, designer, bohemian, compersionate. astrological zodiac jyotish sidereal: 1. chandra/moon nakshatra:_uttara ashadha,_pada 4th,_abhijit,_makara:_jyotish sidereal capricorn. 2. lagna/ascendant:________shravana,_______pada 1st,__________makara:_jyotish sidereal capricorn. 3. surya/sun:______________punarvasu,______pada 4th,__________karka:__jyotish sidereal cancerian. dominancies: neptune, pluto, sun, moon, mars, jupiter. individual. western zodiac cancerian: cancerian cusp leo: ie: 3rd decanate, at of in the evening, full moon. full moons. extremely. passion. emotively. not shy. water. metal dog. owl. asian-caucasian; of aussie. solo amor, amistad; amatista. plus aqua-teal-fuscia-lime. diplomacy. ambi-infp-a (Assertive). polyamorous: femmesexual. fitness. salacious. euphonistic. boheme. honest. man. musician. cancer cusp leo. ladies fits loves. love at first sight. Адам. Музыкант. Леоға жақын рак. Ханымдар. Сәйкес келеді. Бір көргеннен ғашық болу. 男。 音乐家。 癌症。 靠近狮子座。 淑女。 相应。一见钟情。 ชาย. นักดนตรี. โรคมะเร็ง. สนิทกับลีโอ. ผู้หญิง. สอดคล้องกัน. รักแรกพบ. Manungsa Musisi. Cancerian Cusp Leo. Para wanita wanita. Cocog. Katresnan nalika dideleng dhisik. hombre. músico. cúspide de cáncer leo. señoras encaja amores. amor a primera vista. lalaki. musikero cancer cusp leo. mga kababaihan akma nagmamahal. pag ibig sa unang tingin. What I'm looking for in a partner: ===================================== honesty. hares-rabbits. pisces scorpio leo virgo cancer taurus capricorn. chitra. uttara phalguni. uttara bhadrapada. full moons. desires. dancings. singings. salaciousnesses. volupts. enhanced augmented. passions. a levels. versatile switchings. compersionates. solo amor, amistad; amatista. fire. water. not timid. fitness. makati. bkk. consuming. down to earth. bisexuals. pansexuals. honesty. Ladies-Fits-Loves. Love at first sight. Сәйкес келеді. Бір көргеннен ғашық болу. 女士们。 对应。 情人。 一见钟情。 ผู้หญิง. สอดคล้องกัน . รักแรกพบ. Para wanita wanita. Cocog. Katresnan nalika dideleng dhisik. Señoras encaja amores. amor a primera vista. Mga kababaihan akma nagmamahal. Pag ibig sa unang tingin.