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30 Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia
Buscando: Hombre 29 - 35
Hi, I'm Paola, I'm Colombian, I'm 29 years old. my personality is sweet, affectionate, serious but not boring. I am a very sincere and smiling girl ,I am a Christian for about 7 years in the gospel of Christ . my reason for living in life is God work in the beauty area - virtual commerce. -I am mentally stable and healthy . -I like to cook, I like babies and animals . -Yes, I am willing to move to another country . -I do NOT want your money or your citizenship, I am not a scammer . -I like nature, I live with my family, cat . -I do not have a problem with age with a man, but I do not want a young minor . -I am not a prostitute, I do not send nude photos . -I'm not shallow,, I'm not ambitious ,i'm not evil  , -I am not a feminist . -I am a woman of God and a girl from home can you send me a message to have a friendship but ((read my whole profile. to save us time. ))) Ahh y me gusta leer.... -I am looking for a man with knowledge of the word of God and exercise in his life (I don't want legalistic or ultra-orthodox in faith) . -I am looking for a mentally stable and healthy man a man with a mature brain . (I WANT A MAN WHO IS WILLING TO FORM A FAMILY AND INTERESTED IN A DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP WITH FLUIDITY IN DAILY CONVERSATION UNTIL HE GETS TO KNOW US PERSONALLY. )   (when the covid ends)( I am looking for a long term relationship that could lead to marriage. ) -I want a man who loves me and I love him. seriously forever.  -a man who smiles, dances, jokes trip, clever -a man with knowledge in general culture . -I want a man who wants a family and maybe children . -I want a hygienic man . -I don't want a perfect man who loves God . -I write this to save us time and trouble. -I want a hardworking man and love his family . -I want a man who wants to know my Spanish language and culture, and can travel to Colombia (vice versa) . -I want a man with time to meet us, personality, spirituality, love . -I am not a toxic girl, I have learned to free myself from what hurts . -a man who likes nature, physical activity, healthy food, outdoor activities . -((I want a single man willing to start a serious relationship .)) -(I do not want games or unfaithful gamers) -I want a man with many light and faith, spirituality. to be able to be together until the elderly with love, patience, with God  health, disease, poverty, wealth . -It's better to be honest, in life that's why I write all this. .I don't want liars in faith. .I do not want married men or with a hidden girlfriend .I don't want superficial or materialistic man. World money lovers .I do not want liars, charlatans, infidels or heartbreakers . .I do not want bipolar man or mental problems .I don't want man obsessed with my clothes or food. I can eat healthy and dress decorated (I've had a problem with this in the past) .I don't want your money or job .I don't want a smoker man, drug addicts, alcoholic . .I don't want a lesser man. .I don't want an insecure, jealous or punishing man .I do not want a man who asks for nude photos, or is addicted to masturbation . .I do not want men obsessed with politics, covid, religion, war .I do not want a man mentally depressed, suicidal, with anxiety problems . .I do not want a man who is not willing to come to meet me in Colombia. .I don't want a man who makes me waste my time ♡My connection with God ♡is the strongest bond in my life. Communion, communication. Loyalty and fidelity. I keep the word and writing in my heart. My soul belongs to God. My first years in the gospel was street evangelism. I learned many things: humility, faith, perseverance to snatch every soul from Sheol. I learned through God and every situation to be better every day, (Spiritually and morally) my humanity awakened the most sensitive, the most beautiful of my feelings... I saw through my eyes the mercy and salvation of Christ with the people where I arrived. I owe God my life, my convictions, my belief, my peace, my strength is the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life. It's time you feel the same. I will never be ashamed of carrying the gospel in my being. .I write this to have a clearer context of what I am looking for in life ,If you want to know me you can write to me to have a friendship I am currently learning English I can also help you learn Spanish. it is better to be sincere in life to avoid a headache. God bless you _______ Advantages of having a long-distance relationship                                    By : yuly255 When we talk about long-distance relationships, not everything is bad news or bumps in the road. You can also see the positive side of this kind of love. In addition, waiting for the meeting increases the desire to see the other. Therefore, the moments shared are very intense, special and unique. The memories that lovers keep create an ideal dream for the future. . .You appreciate every minute together. .Maintains independence for a time to organize yourself. .you learned to communicate better. .Make the most of your time together. .The relationship is proof of pandemics and wind of tribulation divorce and breakups. .They discover the world together, country, language (cultural exchange is unique). .The relationship becomes strong. .They know different places. Reinforce trust They value more (detail) You test fidelity, love, tolerance, commitment, security. You know the character of the other over time And their ability to withstand the gap of distance and their difficulties. -you share the words of God day by day through calls, messages, meetings, karaoke, video calls .letters .gifts .it is old-fashioned love. That is why many international couples are successful because it solidifies the relationship with God and with the promise of being together someday. Carnality does not become a priority... when there is real love. (BUT if you are a carnal you will be the first to flee) Many people in this application are radical to not want a partner in another country... but! Hey, you close the possibilities of meeting the love of your life. And many end up jumping ship early. (and loneliness is easier I guess) It's not easy, but it's not impossible. But the best things have never been EASY in life. (The bible says love believes everything, hopes everything, supports everything. 1 Corinthians 13-7) someone who is willing to stay and fight with you will never abandon you, under these conditions. Most of the successes and testimonials of this app are from foreign couples. I am not writing this just for myself... it is something that I have seen and analyzed over time in this application. Blessings. I will keep updating it.