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27 Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Deutschland
Suche: Weiblich 18 - 29
I always wanted to be a good family man, but to be honest as older as I get as more suspicious I become. 😂 so children/own children are not necessary. That's why I decided at an early age to work towards a professional position in which I earn enough to give my future family a good financial basis and have more time to enjoy family life. A life of wealth and luxury was and is not seen before. if you are looking for a rich man? please go on! Furthermore, I have worked a lot on my character in order to be a good role model for my future children. For example, I quit smoking, meditate regularly and do various sports. I now react very well to stressful situations, and I'm working on the humor in such situations. In general, peace is very important to me, I don't like it when the woman becomes hysterical. And or not reflect on yourself. Should you be hysterical? please search somewhere else! In addition to personal development, I have dealt theoretically and practically with pedagogy, it has been shown that patience and persistence are the most important things in education. Should you see violence or screaming as a normal parenting method? please search somewhere else! Since I like to behave like a gentleman, I read the corresponding book by Knige, then I realized that there are no longer any ladies. 😂 I can very much like to be a gentleman, but on the condition that I behave in a dignified manner. I can listen well. I don't like it when someone thinks that the world is only about themselves. Are you a person who has no interest in the people below (does not listen / read and do not ask anything)? please search somewhere else! I dealt theoretically and practically with being happy. I am a very happy, childish man, I make a lot of nonsense and fool around. When you are a sad woman? please search somewhere else! I have been involved in psychology for a long time, married and especially observed happy couples (+25 years) and asked what keeps them so happy together. I have also read special books on marriage counseling, my favorite "The Five Love Languages ​​by Gary Chapman". I like to do things correctly, as perfectly as possible, not half measures. I am reliable, smart / analytical, trustworthy / honest, persistent and resilient (I do not understand unnecessary burdens such as fuss, If that happens, don't be surprised when I laugh and make fun of myself) I am very understanding, I will certainly learn to read minds too. Until then, I would be happy if you just talk to me I then try to act accordingly. I am ready to stand up for my wife, no matter what cost. Please do not get into arguments with others too often I pay very close attention to how I talk about my wife. In general, I speak very well of my family.