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Are you looking for love in Poland? One thing's for sure, old-school romance in Poland is still the done thing. A country where a simple kiss on a woman's hand is still very much alive.

Poland offers many opportunities for romance: whether you want to spend your time hiking through Europe's oldest forest or swimming in one of its lakes, there's plenty to keep you occupied. Poland is a country with a rich history and beautiful landscape, home to some of the world's most diverse geography - from the Baltic Sea to the Błędów Desert. Poland is picturesque, beautiful & brilliant all year round. And, the people are much the same. They're down-to-earth kind of people with an open mind and are friendly to everyone. They're known for their warm hugs and loving nature; you feel safe and at peace around them.

Everyone deserves love, especially you. So whether you're looking for someone that really gets you or just someone to enjoy the beauty of Poland, that person might be closer than you think. Everything is better together, whatever you do, or wherever life takes you. So, why not enjoy all this with someone special?

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32 Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland
Seeking: 28 - 55
I have to preface,since it seems online dating is a quick game and majority skip reading important parts - my intention is to settle with you - USA (need no green card,so don't be suspish )Canada, Western Europe - as I want to grow my business (maybe with Your help,an empire? *Insert Palpatine's laugh*) AND keep my rights as a woman. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Islamic art, architecture and developments but not a big fan of position of women in Quran and their position in islamic law and treatment as business professionals. It's a problem to be treated seriously in central Europe already. I'd love to find a business partner to bring traditional crafts on the verge of being lost,such as bone carving,handmade cement tiles, certain fibers...ZARDOZI EMBROIDERY, oh my, I now deep to Pakistani and Indian cradtspeople exploited by big brands while their art is sold for enornmois amounts of money and so little trickles down to the artisans themselves .BUUT,tis a dating website and I'll obey my husband in a naughty roleplay and/or if he's smarter and more knowledgable about a subject - gladly, not as a given cause religion says so, alright? So,gentelmen from USA (need no green card,so don't be suspish )Canada, Western Europe and Scandinavia only. You can recruit me for Ukraine's foreign legion on military cupid though ;) Now,ahem, that we got that outta way so we don't waate each others time, for the the main part. If I make it trough the darkness of my life in it's current state, if I make it out alive ...I'll write you back. My country, people here are changing,alienating me more and more...Hostility hangs in the air and could be cutctrough with the knife and spread on toast...I mostly use american /western media, YT, standups,news and the like and after living in London for 1,5years before university and after living , trying to find partner and friends ,working here, I find myself certain that tis' is not a place I want to continue living in... I don't fit. People seem so tired from just getting by that igniting a spark of enthusiasm for anything takes a whole gallon of grill fluid..Not a place to spread yer wings, to realise my business plans, to become wholly...me..Not a place to find a partner, happy to get a great homecooked meal, grateful for thoughtful present, for whom making effort to improve and evolve is a default, not some sort of forced upon torture. I'm too naive for my own good to live here too, y'know? Lend soneone your provervial lazt pair of socks and boom, they add it to their moubtain of sock they are going to sell for profit and I'm walking like a barefeet dumbass. Believing in inherent goodness of people when they rob me blind behind my back.... I'm too old to change, I kind of need a man or a more sensible woman there to point out how I'm being scammed this time becausw I'd rather still share my last food (especially with a dog, dogsgods) with someone in need than become a cynic. Kindness wise, I'm the only investment with 200% ROI ;) I've studied law (international air travel specialty) and financial analysis, but have been for several years running an interior design business - I'd like to develop into product lines (wallpaper and wall finishes, unique technology front). I'm additive manufacturing & new technology geek (resin,silicone, 3d printing shizz)and I would love to combine it with traditional techniques (metal oxidation,electroplating) into something unique but obviously - I need a business parter for even making samples of quality enough to attract serious clients and retailers. The next step of converging my knowledge and ability into a manufacturing business is to diversify into fashion - as it has possibly the highest return yet if my designs strike a fancy with the buyers (and my god, have you seen the latest collections, besides Iris Van Herpen? ) I just need a chance,y'know? One that this place with its earning potential and mentality won't provide. I love carpentry and learning to do stuff with my hands. I'm quite a hard working person, especially if it's a fashion project. I can easily relocate, doing what I do - I learn and adapt extremely quickly - given chance and support. Well, that'd be it for work related things, there's just so much more that nobody will bother reading. As for about "me"me... I'm a staunch animal lover - in deeds,not words only -and a dog person witg two old pups- for the last several years,the only kisses I've received were of the doggy variety ...if not for them, I might have not be there anymore. I'm of course a vegetarian/vegan but not forcing it on anybody and can still cook a mean meat-lovers meal or grill a perfect hamburger patty ;) I've almost become a doctor so I can xyre myself 99% percent of time. On a dime,too! I know what it means to be lonely. Truly,lonely. I've struggled with depression and addiction - no human flaw will make me look down on you. We're all flawed, we have all suffered, just in a different ways. In hard work, true togetherness and mutual kindness we can find strenght and healing - I truły,really believe it. We've lost the sense of community...and gaines fear,uncertainty, lack of ability to take investment risks because unless born rich -(and I was, my parents were self made upper middle class, mom - and equivalent of DA, dad - diplomatic,then heading technology related goverment branch - until cancer came and took my dad away when I was 12, leaving us with 1/10 of the income and gigantic bills for private treatments...) - there's no safety net for anyone to fall back on. Here people seem to even revel in your failures. I don't need that kind of crap in my life, I doubt myself enough, thank you very much, whatever you say,I already imagined a scenarip a ten thousand times WORSE :P I can be a domestic goddess - I love cooking and organizing, but the need to create makes me a poor canditate for stay at home anything :) Not planning to have children, but will gladly meet and love yours. Not religious,will stay that way. I'm pro self-improvement, I am certified (that certificate probably means shite in your country though) personal trainer so I have my workout and nutrion under control. Planning on getting breast implants ,rib removal,hip implants and getting some facial work done in Korea so I can be the best version of myself. Nothing too extreme,no porn lips and tits, no next Barbie clone - being in the business of esthetics makes one treat the mortal shell that we're stuck in as one more project to perfect. My appearance is important to me and I want my partner to find me attractive, d'uh! No sex with the lights off - aren't men visual creatures after all? I figured it's best to let y'all know now ;) What else? I'm bisexual queen of head, quite kinky,love to please, very open minded and not staunchly pro monogamy and I'll leave it at that ;) Well read,well educated, well dressed, can usually tell which fork is for what in fancy dining ;) Usually takes me about a week to speak without accent. Sorry for the crappy pics from the hospital bed - I'll gey some more appealing ones. I still get asked for licence at new liquor stores so I can't look all that old,no?
47 Gdańsk, Pomorskie, Poland
Seeking: Male 37 - 55
READ BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME. I'm not living in Poland at the moment due to my job. I'm passionate, spiritual, attractive, ambitious, and hard working. Good values and maintaining your identity and integrity are very important to me. I love reading about nutrition, social psychology, veterinary science, holistic veterinary care, functional medicine, immunology, and anything I find interesting. I'm always on the look out for studies to read to learn more. I like doing voluntary work and I'm a passionate animal lover. I currently have one rescued dog as my other one has recently died:( You must understand my passion for animals. Critical thinking skills and going against the flow to maintain your values are highly important to me, too. I love reading about different things and finding answers to my questions. I love to dig in to find the truth. I like to learn new things, and every day I learn something. At work, I am professional, and in personal life I am a giving person. I love doing things for others, but I also love to be spoiled:) I think I have a good sense of humour:) I know who I am and I value myself. My way of spending time in the evening would be at home, but occasionally I like to go to jazz clubs and chill listening to jazz with a glass of something;) If you are over 40 and are looking for a woman who is 18 or many years younger, don't waste your time. If you can't hold an interesting conversation and can't think independently, don't waste your time. If you want to take me off the site straightaway without getting to know me better and showing a genuine interest, don't bother. I won't give you my contact details and I will check your identity through a video chat. Other than that. I don't bite;) I love dancing, belly dancing, cooking, going out, staying in, decorating, listening to music, and watching comedy shows. I love animals. I am not looking to have a child myself. I'm only saying that if you do have any, it's not a problem for me.