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29 Nanning, Guangxi, China
Seeking: Male 29 - 35
I am a bright girl in China. I just came out from college and went into society. My friends said I was beautiful and slim. Honest, pure, young pheasant, humorous, lovely. Yes, I am. But I need to learn too much, because I am 90, I want to find a suitable boyfriend, understand each other, and help. Mutual learning leads to marriage. I don't need to be too handsome and love the love of beauty. I don't take people out of my face, and I can live up to the audience. He is healthy, sincere, kind, understands each other, and actively advances. Responsible for the annual maintenance budget. I am focused on the family. I will use the traditional virtues of my Chinese nation, be gentle, considerate, and romantic. Caring for each other, blessed, and difficult to work with, bring your hand, and share life. If your goal is to play a game, don't bother me. If you are interested in me, email me, thank you for taking the time to read my information . I wait for your letter. I is China's sunshine good girl, just out of universal work, into society, friends say I am beautifuls, slim, honest, Pure, pheasant, Human, lovely.Yes, I am. But I need to learn too many friends, because I was after 90, I want to find a suitable boyfriend, Understand each other, help and learn from each other, leading to marriage.don't need too handsome, beautiful of the Human heart, I don't go for looks, live up to the audienc.he health, sincere, kind, understanding each other, Progress postively Is single-minor, there is sense of responsibility, love his wife. My family is health, I will use my Chinese nation's Traditional virtual, gentle, consumer, romantic, care to take care of each other, share happiness and hardship, Holding your handle, life. If your purpose is to play games, please don't distribute me.If you are intersted in me, and email To me, then you for your time reading my profile.I am waiting for your letter
34 Nanning, Guangxi, China
Seeking: Male 33 - 51
I am from Southern China, and I come here to seek a true relationship of love. I am not looking for gold, nor am I a liar, I am just for love. If you are, please write to me and double check my profile! I am not a paid member, so if you are not a paid member, I cannot view your comments. I'm a typical Chinese girl, very gentle. I will be loved while I warm others. I'm emotional, I have a strong sense of family responsibility, and I like to be two people at home, dependent on each other, and doing what I like to do. Cook together, exercise, watch movies, read and listen to music. It's so harmonious, love each other, and that's what I'm looking for, go out together, go to the romantic place you like, The love I crave begins with my heart. I'm a smiling woman, confident, kind, sincere, funny, I also have the unique loyalty and tenderness of Chinese women, which you will feel as you become more familiar with me. Sometimes I am a lot of good, sometimes I am full of passion. But I am always a little woman who yearns to be surrounded by love! I love sports and watching movies, traveling, I love nature, and I'm curious and fantasies about the world. If you accompany me, I believe the world will be better. I work in international trade, and I travel almost everywhere in Southeast Asia, and I'm a businessman, but I'm not a wealthy woman, and I like my job. Because it's also my hobby! I love my mother so much because she is a great woman and I love my son so much because he makes me a better woman! When I have time, I like to decorate my home by hand, I like the sea of flowers, like flowers, and the fragrance of a house greet you every day Go home. My English is not good enough. I only speak and read a few simple sentences, but every day I try to increase my vocabulary to learn English. I am a positive optimist, and even after a failed marriage, I still believe that true love exists, will it be you? If you want to know more about me, please write to me. When I thought we might be friends, I would tell you my WeChat, who is the separated man who has not divorced, please do not write to me because time is precious. Feelings are more precious!